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Who is Wayne Grudem?

Wayne Grudem is one of the most influential theologians of our time. Born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin in 1948, he has devoted his life to the study and teaching of theology and biblical studies. His conservative evangelical views have made him a polarizing figure in some circles, but there can be no doubt that his writings have had a significant impact on the way many Christians understand the Bible and their faith. #WayneGrudem

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Systematic Theology

Systematic theology is the study of the core beliefs of Christianity and the organization of these beliefs into a coherent system. It is a discipline that seeks to understand and articulate the nature of God, the purpose of humanity, and the relationship between God and humanity. Systematic theology is concerned with the systematic study of Christian beliefs, doctrines, and practices, and seeks to provide a framework for understanding these beliefs in a holistic and interconnected manner. #systematictheology

The Word of the Week by Justin Breeden - Gospel Compromise
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The Word of the Week – Contend Earnestly For the Faith

The Word of the Week by Justin Breeden, unadulterated truth of the Word of God to be proclaimed, this week is Contend Earnestly For the Faith. #WordoftheWeek #WOTW