Three fingers pointing back at you
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Three fingers pointing back at you

Three fingers pointing back at you. When you point at someone you have more fingers pointing back at you. We need to look at our own sin before we confront others on their sin.

What Goes In Your Heart Also Goes Out
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What goes in your heart also comes out

What goes in your heart also comes out: It is very important that we guard what comes in our heart. Filter out the bad stuff. Like what we watch, read and listen to. Places we go and more. Using discernment. Making choices that you stick to now. #bgbg2 #Heart

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Man vs God | Official Mime Video

The official mime video for Man vs God along with a transcript of the video. A poem is by Ryan and Tilmon #ManvsGod (God Vs Man) #GodVsMan

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A License to Sin

A License to Sin. A lot of people think that because they are under grace they can do as they please, a license to sin you can call it. As Christians do we have a license to sin and live the way we want or is that license to sin denied? Find out in this blog entry.

God's Big Eraser
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God’s Big Eraser

God has a big eraser. A Big eraser to wipe that whiteboard clean of the sin. We must come to Him for the cleaning of our whiteboard and turn from our ways.

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Freedom is in Christ

Freedom is in Christ: Celebrate freedom in Christ and our Great Nation. True freedom is found in Jesus Christ. If Christ set you free, you are free indeed. #Freedom

Galactic Starveyors Vacation Bible School
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Galactic Starveyors Vacation Bible School

Galactic Starveyors Vacation Bible School – Discovering The God of the Universe. Find out more about this VBS. #GalacticStarveyors

Chain Breaking Savior
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Chain Breaking Savior

Chain Breaking Savior – I am glad that Jesus died to break the chains of sin and I am no longer a slave to sin. Zach Williams said it great in his song, Chain Breaker. #ChainBreaker

Total Depravity
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Total depravity

Total depravity – the doctrine that human nature is thoroughly corrupt and sinful as a result of the Fall. That all men are born evil. This is also known as the dead man theory or we are dead because of our sin and we must be born again or regenerated. That means man can do nothing to bring about his own salvation. #TotalDepravity #TULIP

The Church Called and Collected Album Cover - Leadership by Flame
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Conversion by Trip Lee

This is a music video for Conversion by Trip Lee. Trip Lee is part of Lampmode and this song is on the album The Church Called & Collected. #TripLee #Conversion

How to be unpopular in the secular world
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How to be unpopular in the secular world

How to be unpopular in the secular world – We are told to be in the world but not be of the world. That means we are to be separated we must be different than the world. We must also remember that the world hated Jesus before they hated us. #Unpopular

Are you missing out on fellowship
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Are you missing out on fellowship? 

Are you missing out on fellowship? Fellowship is the assembly of fellow believers. The Bible tells us to not neglect assembly with fellow believers. #fellowship

If Everybody Jumped off a Bridge Would You?
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If Everybody Jumped off the Bridge Would You?

If Everyone Jumps off the Bridge, Would You? Talk about the old saying if so-and-so would jump off a bridge would you? Doing what the world does and not what the Word of God says. Well everyone is doing, why shouldn’t I! Just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t make it right.

The LSD of the Bible
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The LSD of the Bible

The LSD of the Bible as found in James 1. I am not talking about the drug LSD but three words in the Bible that make the acronym LSD. #LSD #Bible

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Are you a good person? Comic featuring Mr. Nice Guy

Are you a good person? A Gospel tract Uses God’s Law to help witness & share your testimonial to other people. This comic is part of the Way of the Master. Now with free downloadable and printable versions! #GoodPersonTest #WayoftheMaster

10 Reasons why Christians Shouldn't Drink
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10 Reasons why Christians Shouldn’t Drink

10 Reasons why Christians Shouldn’t Drink – I discuss ten reasons why Christians shouldn’t drink. I even share some scriptures as well. #Drinking #Christians

3 Steps to Tearing Down the Walls
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3 Steps to Tearing Down the Walls

3 Steps to Tearing Down the Walls. I talk about our own walls and even discuss about the Berlin Wall, Walls of Jericho and Walls of the temple with these three steps to tearing down the walls.

Just Ice or Justice?
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Just Ice or Justice?

After they digging deeper into your own case, did you find out that it is not Just Ice you wanted but you want Justice. What is Justice? Is there anyone that is Just? How can I be made justified?

All Things Red
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All Things Red 

All Things Color Series: All Things Red. In this post I will talk about the color red and how it is mentioned in the Bible and what the color means. #Red

Start Over by Flame Ft. NF
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Start Over – Flame

This is the song and official music video for Start Over by Flame featuring NF, Both Flame and NF are Christian Hip-Hop Rappers. #StartOver #Flame #NF #ChristianRap #ChristianMusic