Caged No More - DVD Cover
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Caged No More Movie Review and Trailer

Movie review and the movie trailer for the faith-based movie, Caged No More. The movie is from the co-producers of God’s Not Dead. Be inspired as a freedom fighter and learn more about human trafficking in this movie. #CagedNoMore

Family around the computer - Awareness Is The Best Weapon Against Human Trafficking
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Awareness Is The Best Weapon Against Human Trafficking

At any given moment, there are nearly 21 million victims of human trafficking around the world, and at least 26 percent of those are children, according to the 2015 survey by the Polaris Project.

END IT Movement Logo
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End It Movement

Ever wondered what a red X meant on someones hand? Find out in this blog post about the End It Movement on Sex Trafficking. #EndItMovement

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In Plain Sight (Review & Trailer)

In Plain Sight a documentary about sex trafficking. I share my review, about the film and the trailer. #InPlainSight