inferior turbinate septum - Septoplasty
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One Month Since Septoplasty

I has been one month since my septoplasty and turbinate drilling surgery. I wanted to share my progress and any notice in changes since this nasal surgery. #Septoplasty

Steve wearing a CPAP mask. With his Prayer Wall showing in the background.
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Stop breathing in my sleep

In my search for medical answers, I had a sleep study that showed I had a form of sleep apena. I discuss about the sleep apnea diagnosis, my latest nasal surgery and even the quality level service of Resp-I-Care who is the one that my CPAP machine and equipment is through.

Septoplasty nasal stents image
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Nasal Stents during Thanksgiving

I blog about my experience with Septoplasty nasal stents during Thanksgiving and if it caused me to want to eat more or eat less. #NasalSents #Septoplasty