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Unabashed Music Fest

Unabashed Music Fest: 16 bands, 2 stages, 1 day filled with Christian Music! Find out when and where this event will be held! Plus volunteers are needed too #ChristianMusic #UnabashedMusicFest

Ripley's Believe it or not
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Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium, a unusual type of museum, hosted my daughter and I to this museum on…

Serenity Prayer Printable
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Serenity Prayer

I share the Serenity Prayer with you. This prayer is common prayer for Celebrate Recovery, 12 Step Programs, and AA. Plus it is on the Christian faith-based Movie, Home Run.

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Home Run Movie Review

Home Run, A Christian faith-based film. This film is about addiction and overcoming it. This film also talks about Celebrate Recovery. I briefly talk about this film and review it. #HomeRun

Conserve Your Battery
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Conserve Your Battery

Conserve Your Battery – I talk about conserving your battery on your phone & some food for thought how you might be able to conserve your battery spiritually.

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What the Devil Doesn’t Want You To Know

This is the sermon from Greg Laurie and my notes from his sermon entitled “What the Devil Doesn’t Want You to Know.”

God Profile
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If God’s Important to you, then why isn’t He in your profiles?

If God’s Important to you, then why isn’t He in your profiles? Most of all of us are Online. We have Twitter, Facebook or if we are single, dating profiles. We all say He is first, but we don’t make mention of Him in our profiles. How can others tell He is first if we don’t make mention of Him there?

Church Sign Generated to read Looking Up To Jesus Prevents ...
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Looking up to Jesus prevents …

Find out what looking up to Jesus will prevent.

Jonah inside whale clipart by Chrsitian Clip Arts
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Man swallowed by whale & lives

Man swallowed by whale and lives. The story of Jonah and the Whale, part of my series on Bible Stories of the Sea. #Jonah #BGBG2

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What is the number 777. What does it mean? Is it God’s number? See some facts I found. #777

Sin City
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Sin City

Sin City, what is it? I am not talking about Las Vegas, NV. I am talking about another type of Sin City. #SinCity

Arrested for going to Church
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Arrested for going to Church

Arrested for going to Church: Would you go to church knowing if you arrived you would be arrested on the spot?

Dragging the American Flag
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USA Soccer Fans: Disresepecting the American flag

It is sad to see the USA Soccer fans disrespecting our American Flag. Dragging it on the ground, writing their city on it in marker, and more. #USA #AmericanFlag

Mr. Steve at Hen Wallow Falls
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Hen Wallow Falls

Hen Wallow Falls, part of the Gabes Mountain Trail in Cobsy, TN. A great place to share a Bible story or a Psalm with your youth group or family. #HenWallowFalls

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Sinking Souls – Titanic Museum Review

Learning how many people died in the sinking of the Titanic made me wonder about the sinking souls aboard. Were there heroes telling people how to believe on Jesus aboard the Titanic? Is there any Christian aspects? Will the Titanic Museum share this information? Find out in this review. #Titanic #TitanicMuseum #Titanic104

National Day of Prayer
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National Day of Prayer

This first Thursday in May is National Day of Prayer. Let’s all join together and pray! #Prayer #NationalDayofPrayer

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Heaven is For Real Movie Review

This blog entry contains the review of the movie, Heaven is for Real. Is Colton’s vision of heaven what heaven truly is like or is it just that a vision? #HeavenIsForRealMovie #HeavenIsForReal #Heaven

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The Creek Cafe

I write about a locally owned & operated Christian based business, a restaurant, called The Creek Cafe in Jefferson City, TN. Check out my review and my thoughts about this establishment.
#TheCreekCafe #Christianbusiness

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Church Sign About Prayer Friendship Missionary Baptist Church

Check out this blog entry of this church sign says about what to do when you don’t feeling like praying.

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Gospel Balloon Release

Gospel Balloon Release: What is a Gospel Balloon Release and how can you do it? This blog post shares with another way to spared the Gospel through a helium balloon.