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Dial These Numbers In Case of Emergency

Dial These Numbers In Case of Emergency, where to go in the Bible to get Some help with what you may be going through.

ABC Salvation image
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ABC’s of Salvation

Want to know what the ABC’s of Salvation is? Salvation is easy as ABC. Check it out!

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Just Keep Praying Soon It Will All Be Clear

A great video that demonstrates the importance of just keep praying, soon your darkness will become all clear. Using Gatorade bottle, dark liquid and water. #prayer

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Printable Grace Cards

Download your printable Grace Cards from the movie Grace Card. A Card to promise to pray, ask for forgiveness , to grant the same and to be their friend. Plus the synopsis and trailer to the movie Grace Card.

Maintain Your Present Lane (Part 2) Not Properly Aligned - Road
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Maintain Your Present Lane (Part 2) Not Properly Aligned

We can maintain our present lane if we are properly aligned, same applies with Christ.

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True Love Waits

I talk about the True Love Waits, abstinence purity covenant that you make before God. I talk about what True Love Waits, why do it. I talk about adultery. I even mention that I am committed myself to True Love Waits and I am 39 years old. I also challenge others to commit too.

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The Words I Would Say by Sidewalk Prophets

A very encouraging song by Sidewalk Prophets is called “The Words I Would Say.” I share my experience with this encouraging song.

A Single Parents Prayer
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A Single Parents Prayer

A Single Parents Prayer

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Steering Wheel or Spare Tire?

Is your prayer life, walk with Christ, reading the Bible, etc. like a steering wheel or a spare tire?

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The Holy Spirit is like an Alarm System

How is the Holy Spirit like an alarm system? Find out in this blog post. I discuss how the Holy Spirit is like an alarm system. #alarmsystem #holyspirit

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In Plain Sight (Review & Trailer)

In Plain Sight a documentary about sex trafficking. I share my review, about the film and the trailer. #InPlainSight

One Teen Gets A Tie Tying Lesson at Target
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Teen goes to Target for a tie and gets much more

A North Carolina Teen goes to a Target to buy a tie and gets much more than he expected.

Metro-North-Train Photo: NYTimes
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Prayers for Metro-North Railroad

Prayers for those who died, injured and involved with any aspect of the Metro-North Railroad deadly crash.

TransAsia flight GE235 crashing
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Prayers for TransAsia flight GE235

Prayers for TransAsia flight GE235

Slow Church Ahead
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Slow Church Ahead

Road Signs of the Bible: Slow Church Ahead. What does this sign have to do with the Bible. Find out here!

Ask and Ye Shall Receive
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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Ask and Ye Shall Receive – I asked God for wisdom to help me fix a part on my car and with God’s help I was able to fix it.

The Morning Show | Lindt Cafe held hostage by ISIS, hostages holding up ISIS flag
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Prayers for Lindt Cafe in Sydney from ISIS terror

Special prayers to those at Lindt Cafe in Syndey being terrorized by ISIS.

A Parent's Prayer
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A Parent’s Prayer

This is A Parent’s Prayer, the author is unknown. This prayer thanks God for their children and the honor of being a parent. #ParentsPrayer

Addie Lynn pears through the Post Office Box - Photo KSL
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Christmas Cards for Addie

Help Addie Lynn have a great Christmas. This Christmas 2014, Send Addie Christmas Cards that is her wish! Please share to help get the word out! #ChristmasCards

Lead Us ... Deliver Us ... Billboards (Clyde, NC)
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Lead Us … Deliver Us … Billboard

Check out this Christian Billboard about Lead Us and Deliver Us. This billboard is in Clyde, NC.