Lakeway Area Go Tell Crusade 2019
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Lakeway Area Go Tell Crusade 2019

The Go Tell Crusade is a collective effort of Lakeway Area churches and ministries to proclaim The Gospel of Jesus. It is held by Evangelist Rick Gage.

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The “Ruff” Life Pet Resort

The “Ruff” Life Pet Resort – Here is a local pet resort for both cats and dogs. #TheRuffLifePetResort

6 Places To Eat in Morristown, TN
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6 Places to eat in Morristown

6 Places to eat in Morristown. I complied a list of restaurants that I like to eat at in Morristown, TN. Some of these are local restaurants, while others are not. #Morristown

Things In Common Car Wash Sign
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All Things Common Car Wash Sign

Check out this Car Wash in Morristown, TN that displayed a Bible verse on its sign about All Things Common from the Book of Acts in the Bible.

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Cook-Out, a Christian based restaurant

This blog entry takes a look at another Christian based business, a restaurant called Cook-Out. Check out a review of this establishment. #CookOut #Christianbusinesses #EatCookOut