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I am Restored by LeCrae

I am Restored by LeCrae – LeCrae, a celebrated hip-hop artist and a prominent figure in the Christian music scene, has recently released his highly anticipated autobiographical book, I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion but Found My Faith. In this powerful memoir, LeCrae takes readers on a deeply personal journey of redemption, vulnerability, and ultimately, finding true restoration in his faith.

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Unashamed by LeCrae

Unashamed by LeCrae – In his book Unashamed, Grammy-winning artist LeCrae takes readers on an intimate journey through his life, faith, and the challenges he faced as he pursued his passion for music. From his troubled childhood to becoming one of the most influential voices in Christian hip-hop, LeCrae’s story is one of redemption, hope, and unapologetic faith. #unashamed #lecrae

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LeCrae: An Unstoppable Force in Hip-Hop

LeCrae: An Unstoppable Force in Hip-Hop / In the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop, where trends come and go, there are artists who transcend the boundaries of music to make a lasting impact. One such artist is LeCrae, a rapper, songwriter, and producer whose artistry and authenticity have captured the hearts and minds of millions around the world. With his thought-provoking lyrics, powerful storytelling, and unapologetic faith, LeCrae has emerged as an unstoppable force, reshaping the genre and challenging societal norms. #lacrae

The Most Segregated Day is Sunday
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The Most Segregated Day is Sunday

The Most Segregated Day is Sunday why is that? When we are suppose to by the body of Christ why are we divided or set apart a body and not in unity as one.

Dirty Water Lacrae
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Dirty Water – LeCrae

This is the lyric video of the song “Dirty Water” by LeCrae. #DirtyWater #Lacrae

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The Cross – My Hope with Billy Graham – Full Video

This is one of the 3 videos Billy Graham did in 2013 on the My Hope America series. This video is entitled The Cross. This is also the full length video.

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Messengers by LeCrae ft. For King and Country

Call all the Messengers the new song by LeCrae featuring for King and Country. (Music video with lyrics) #LeCrae #ForKingandCountry

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LeCrae – Church Clothes

This is a music video for LeCrae entitled “Church Clothes”.

LeCrae Moore - I am Second testimonial video
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LeCrae Moore – I am Second (His Testimonial Video)

The I am second testimonial video of LeCrae Moore, Christian Rapper, “I was created by God but I didn’t want to be like Him, I wanted to be Him.”