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thelifebook: The Saturation Begins Handing Out The Life Book

The Saturation begins. the life book movement is starting here in Jefferson City, TN area. What is The Life Book? How can I do a saturation? #TheLifeBook

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Muscle Car Ministries (formally Mustang Ministries)

Do you have a love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Do you have a love for Muscle Cars like Mustangs, Camaros, Coverettes and such? Then check out this ministry that shares the love for both to help reach Jesus Christ to those who love Muscle Cars. I even have a few people in the ministry share with what they get out of this ministry.

Music Notes Clipart - Christian Music
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Knoxville, TN area Christian Radio Stations

Knoxville Christian Radio Stations – Christian Radio Stations to listen to in the Knoxville, TN and surrounding area. Including Gospel Music. #Gospel #Knoxville #ChristianMusic

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The Story of Pellissippi Pete at Boy Scout Camp Pellissippi

If you were a Boy Scout growing up in the Great Smoky Mountain Council and going camping to Camp Pellissippi you may remember the story of Pellissippi Pete. #PellissippiPete

iPhone - Text Alerts
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Knoxville, TN area Text Alerts

Stay current on the Knoxville area and it’s weather, scores, school closings, news and Amber Alerts with these places that send text alerts to your mobile phone.

PH1735 - Put your cell phone away.
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Put your cell phone away and keep your hands on the wheel

Tips, advice and dangers texting and driving. Put your cell phone away. Distracted driving is very dangerous. #StoptheText

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Tips On Saving Fuel, Money And The Environment

Saving Fuel: While an individual motorist can’t reduce gas prices, he or she may save money by using fuel more efficiently.

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How to Get the most money out of your garage sale with these retail tricks

How to Get the most money out of your garage sale with these retail tricks – It is that time of year again, garage sales and yard sales, etc. So why not share some tips and tricks to have a successful one? #GarageSale

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Setting Goals and Solving Problems

I talk about goal setting. Some experience I had with goal setting and some goals that I had.

Eagle Scout - Greatest Accomplishment - To Succeed you need the 3 D's
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Greatest Accomplishment

In this blog post I talk about my great accomplishment becoming an Eagle Scout. I share about my experience in that too. #EagleScout #BoyScout