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What if the Resurrection Happened Today!

Igniter Media shows a short video, He’s Still Alive, about what if the resurrection was to happen today with us having cell phones.

What Dads Can't Do
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What Dads Can’t Do

Check out this IgniterMedia video on what dads can’t do. A great video to watch with your dad or even share on Father’s Day or any other day. #FathersDay #DadsAreAwesome

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Unnoticed Moms

This video is for all the unnoticed moms out there. Those who do all these special chores and more and go unnoticed. Thank you so much for all that you do. I hope and pray you have a blessed Mother’s Day.

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The Messy Life of A Mom

CHeck out this video aboutThe Messy Life of A Mom a video to honor mothers by Igniter Media. Happy Mother’s Day! #MothersDay

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I am Sin Video

This is an IgniterMedia video titled, “I am Sin”. Awareness of sin and its consequences is integral to a strong relationship with Christ. These six mini-movies portray the destructive effects of sin in a dramatic way.

Sunday Morning
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Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning. Does this video seem familiar on Sunday Mornings getting ready with the family and the kids. I am sure most families can relate. #SundayMorning #Sunday