March DADness
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March DADness

March DADness, usually in March you hear about the March Madness® that goes around basketball season wraps up, but how about a dadness movement that will get dads involved! That’s what March DADness is about. #MarchDADness #MarchMadness #DADness

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VOTD February 9

VOTD February 9 – “But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:15‬ ‭NASB‬‬

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This blog post talks about some stats on bullying, steps to deal with bullying and gives you some Bible verses to help you as victims of bullying or even to show you bullying is wrong.

What if the Prodigal Son & Father had Facebook
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What if the Prodigal Son & Father had Facebook

Prodigal Son & Father – Talk about how it might be like if Prodigal Son and Father had Facebook. Just imagine if Facebook was around in Bible times. This is imaginary and what I perceive it might have been like if the Prodigal Son & Father had Facebook. #ProdigalSon #LovingFather #Facebook

I Can Only Imagine
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I Can Only Imagine (Movie Review)

I Can Only Imagine (Movie Review) – Based on a true story based on MercyMe’s lead singer Bart Millard who wrote the song and how he came up with the song. See how I reviewed this I Can Only Imagine and watch the trailer. Plus Movie Memes! #ICanOnlyImagine #MercyMe

Go And Sin No More - John 8:11
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Go And Sin No More

Go and Sin No More Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery. This is a sign of repentance, a change in mind, a change in lifestyle. Meaning not to live in open sin or that lifestyle. For us to seek the things of God and not the things of the flesh.

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Man vs God | Official Mime Video

The official mime video for Man vs God along with a transcript of the video. A poem is by Ryan and Tilmon #ManvsGod (God Vs Man) #GodVsMan

God's Big Eraser
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God’s Big Eraser

God has a big eraser. A Big eraser to wipe that whiteboard clean of the sin. We must come to Him for the cleaning of our whiteboard and turn from our ways.

No Fishing in the Sea of Forgetfulness
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No fishing allowed in the Sea of Forgetfulness

No fishing allowed in the Sea of Forgetfulness . Too often we try to go fishing in the Sea of Forgetfulness and bring it back to us.

National Day of Prayer! For Your Great Name’s Sake! Hear Us... Forgive Us...Heal Us! #NationalDayofPrayer
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National Day of Prayer! For Your Great Name’s Sake!

National Day of Prayer! For Your Great Name’s Sake! Hear Us… Forgive Us…Heal Us! Find out more about this day. #NationalDayofPrayer

God's Compass
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God’s Compass Review & Trailer

God’s Compass Review & Trailer! GOD’S COMPASS demonstrates, the Lord’s universal Truth, that no matter what we faces in life there is a greater force, a greater wisdom that guides us when we follow God’s Plan for our life, our “True NORTH.” #GodsCompass

Weight Loss Is Mentioned in the Bible
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Weight Loss Is Mentioned in the Bible

Weight Loss is mentioned in the Bible. In Hebrews it tells us we must rid the weight, run with patience the race that is set before us. #WeightLoss #Bible #bgbg2

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Are you a good person? Comic featuring Mr. Nice Guy

Are you a good person? A Gospel tract Uses God’s Law to help witness & share your testimonial to other people. This comic is part of the Way of the Master. Now with free downloadable and printable versions! #GoodPersonTest #WayoftheMaster

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Church Discipline by Stephen the Levite Music Video and Lyrics

Church Discipline by Stephen the Levite Music Video and Lyrics – If a brother or sister offends you talk to ’em if the issue is in scripture then walk through ’em if they still ain’t listenin’ bring witnesses prayin’ the evidence of the 2 or 3 is convincing, if it still doesn’t work, take it to the church the Lord’s official spiritual judicial system on earth. #ChurchDiscipline #StephentheLevite

All Things White
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All Things White

All Things Color Series: All Things White. In this post I will talk about the color white and how it is mentioned in the Bible and what the color means. #White

Jesus Freak Dayvito - #JesusFreak #Dayvito
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Jesus Freak – Dayvito

This is the song and official music video by Dayvito for Jesus Freak, features Rashaad King. Both Dayvito and Rashaad King are Christian Rappers/Christian Hip-Hop artist in the Christian Music genre. #JesusFreak #Dayvito #RashaadKing (Plus the lyrics)

Chasing Grace DVD Cover
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Chasing Grace Movie Review

This is my review of the faith-based movie Chasing Grace along with the trailer to this movie. “Fooling yourself is easy, forgiving yourself isn’t.” #ChasingGrace

1 Cross Plus 3 Nails Equals 4 Given
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1 Cross 3 Nails 4 Given Church Sign

1 Cross 3 Nails 4 Given church sign that shows an important aspect of why Christ came and died on the Cross. Forgiveness!

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Remission Plan by Nostalgia

Remission Plan by Nostalgia. Without the shedding of blood there is no remission for sins. Christ paid the price in full. His blood was shed for all. #RemissionPlan #Nostalgia

Bear One Anothers Burdens - Galatians 6:2A
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Bear One Another’s Burdens

The Bible tells us to bear or carry one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). Find out what this involved and what it shows by doing it.