Road Signs of the Bible - Stop
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Stop Sign

Stop Sign, part of the Road Signs of the Bible series at Courageous Christian Father.

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23 Blast Review & Trailer

This is a blog review of 23 Blast and also includes a trailer. #23Blast

Ask and Ye Shall Receive
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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Ask and Ye Shall Receive – I asked God for wisdom to help me fix a part on my car and with God’s help I was able to fix it.

Fight the Good Fight Billboard
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Fight the Good Fight Billboard

A Billboard in Tennessee that says “Fight the Good Fight of Faith”. #faith #fight This billboard is near the 407 exit on I-40.

Adventure Ranch
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Adventure Ranch

Check out my review of Adventure Ranch, it is much more than a corn maze. Find out what advenure you can take at Adventure Ranch. #adventureranch

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Logan the Sky Angel Cowboy

Listen to what this little boy known as the Sky Angel Cowboy has to say to a radio station about losing pet and talks about God giving up His son.

Calming of the Storm
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Calming of the Storm

Can you imagine being at sea on a boat and a mighty storm, hurricane like comes about. You are a sleep and calm, but the rest of the crew is panicking and running about like chickens when their heads cut off. That is exactly what happened to these men aboard this ship.

The Great Catch
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The Great Catch

The great catch: Can you imagine fishing all day, not catching a single fish, someone telling you to go back out. You obey & catch a multitude of fish. That is exactly what happened to these men.

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Sinking Souls – Titanic Museum Review

Learning how many people died in the sinking of the Titanic made me wonder about the sinking souls aboard. Were there heroes telling people how to believe on Jesus aboard the Titanic? Is there any Christian aspects? Will the Titanic Museum share this information? Find out in this review. #Titanic #TitanicMuseum #Titanic104

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Church Sign on Spring Has Sprung

Check out what this Loudon United Methodist Church says on their church sign about spring has sprung. It ask a question about something blossoming. #ChurchSign

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Feeding and Starving Church Sign Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church

feeding and starving – Check out what Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church says what you need to feed and what you should starve to death. #ChurchSigns

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Praise is Faith Turned Inside Out!

Pastor, Bob Neal of Piedmont Baptist, was preaching he said a quote that stuck with me. Praise is Faith Turned Inside Out! #Faith #Praise

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Faith acronym

the acronym for “Faith” #faith #acronym

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My Recent Blessing from God

2004 Dodge Stratus – A Blessing from God

Faith vs Fear (PC vs Mac) Video
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Faith vs Fear (PC vs Mac) Video

Here is a BlueFishTV video that I want to share with you. It is Faith vs Fear. Taking of of the parody commercial PC vs Mac.

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Fruit of the Spirit – Series

Fruit of the Spirit – Series 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness,…

In God We Trust
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Where’s George Currency Tracking My Faith is Stronger than that

Find out why I stopped using the Where’s George currency tracking website. It deals with God and bill notes. #WheresGeorge