Titanic Bible
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The Titanic Bible

The Titanic Bible, the only Bible known to survive the sinking of the Titanic. I talk about this Bible and where you can see it. #TitanicBible #Titanic #Bible

Blessed by Blogging for God
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Blessed by Blogging for God

God has blessed me so much. Even with this blog ministry, God has blessed me through it too.

Cross Collection, Photo from Cumberland Inn Web site
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Carl Williams Cross Collection

Carl Williams Cross Collection, a huge collection of crosses, located in a museum in Williamsburg, KY.

Courageous Christian Father | Illumination of the Gospel of John - The Saint John's Bible
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The Saint John’s Bible Exhibit

This blog post is about The Saint John’s Bible. I visited an exhibit with the Saint John’s Bible on display. I talk about this Bible in this blog post. #SaintJohnsBible #Bible