Do we stand out amongst others? - Trendy BlueFishTV
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Do we stand out amongst others?

Are we of the world or are we set apart? Can others see Jesus in us? Do We stand out to them? I share the bluefish TV video for Trendy in this blog post and use it to how world should see Christ in us.

TMI (Too Much Info) bluefishTV video
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TMI (Too Much Info) bluefishTV video

This is a good video on YouTube from bluefishTV. This about sharing too much information (TMI) with someone. Youth you need to be careful, even us adults too.

Faith vs Fear (PC vs Mac) Video
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Faith vs Fear (PC vs Mac) Video

Here is a BlueFishTV video that I want to share with you. It is Faith vs Fear. Taking of of the parody commercial PC vs Mac.

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Can you hear me now?

I share a video I found that is a parody of the old Verizon commercial “Can you hear me now?” but in relation to talking to God.

What It Would be Like to Be Jesus' Brother by Michael Jr.
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What It Would be Like to Be Jesus’ Brother by Michael Jr.

Great comedy video on YouTube by Michael Jr. This is about What It Would Be Like To Be Jesus’ Brother. Thou Shalt Laugh series.

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Cartoon Song by Chris Rice – What if Cartoons Got Saved?

This is a video to Chris Rice’s song What if Cartoons Got Saved. They would be saying praise in a whole new way. #CartoonSong