Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge, TN
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The Comedy Barn (Review)

This is my unbiased review of The Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge, TN, a place for the family with Good Clean Humor. #ComedyBarn #PigeonForge

Feeding Multitudes Complaints Comic
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Feeding The Multitude Complaints Comic

A comic showing what if Jesus was feeding the multitude today, all the complaints that He might have like I am a vegan or is that gluten-free?

Dennis Swanberg Bubba's Zipper
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Bubba’s Zipper

This is a comedy skit by Dr. Dennis Swanberg. This is called Bubba’s Zipper. Bengy and his wife Connie. They are in the ministry. Listen to this skit. It is very funny and the point is don’t take yourself too seriously. #BubbaZipper #DennisSwanberg

Business Cards and Name Change (Bible)
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Name Change Comic

Check out this comic of a disciple who ordered business cards and later that day Jesus changed his name.

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Moms’ Night Out Trailer & Review

This is a review for the faith-based movie, Moms’ Night Out. Plus, it has the trailer to the movie. #momsnightout

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Talking to your GPS

I talk about talking to God (pray without ceasing). I talk about we talk to our GPS’s. why not talk to God too? I also share a video from Michael Jr., a Christian comedian, who shares how God is like a GPS system. Plus a link to my post on the acronym for GPS.

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McFaith bluefishTV Video

McFaith video by bluefishTV (youtube) What if having faith was just as easy as ordering at a fast food joint. Is it that easy, can we pick and choose or only one way?

Neighbors in Heaven Comic - Back Pew
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Neighbors in Heaven Comic

The Back Pew Comic – Neighbors in Heaven. #christiancomic

Honk & Texting Comic
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Honk if you love Jesus, text while driving if you’d like to meet Him – Comic

Here is a comic that has The wife telling the husband “Honk if you love Jesus, text while driving if you’d like to meet Him.” #StoptheText

Sunday Morning
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Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning. Does this video seem familiar on Sunday Mornings getting ready with the family and the kids. I am sure most families can relate. #SundayMorning #Sunday

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Frogger by Michael Jr.

Christian Comedian Michael Jr. plays Frogger, you remember that old game? He plays Frogger at the Charlotte, NC Airport. Check out this funny video.

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Lazarus – The Skit Guys

This is a comical Christian Video from the Skit Guys on Lazarus. You can read the story about how Jesus healed Lazarus from being dead in John 11.

Patterson Post 2014
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Patterson Post 2014

Patterson Post 2014: This is 2014’s Patterson Post Christmas Newsletter. This years edition is a Christmas Comic theme. Check it out. My family does a Christmas Newsletter each year instead of Christmas Cards.

Lobster Baptism
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What if Lobsters got Baptized

Here is a funny Christian comic, What if Lobsters got Baptized

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Tim Hawkins – Hand Raising – Christian Comedy

Tim Hawkins, Christian Comedian, shares ways people raise their hands in church in a funny way. Do you go to a hand raising church?

Moses, Stop It!
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Moses Stop It! Comic (Fishing and Parting Waters)

A Christian Humor, Christian Comic about Moses and perhaps Aaron fishing. The water is split where the other person is fishing so he cannot catch fish.

never argue with a children
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Never Argue With Children

CHRISTIAN HUMOR: A Child & Teacher talk about Jonah being swallowed. Find out how this story unfolds.(Never Argue With Children)

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Shockingly Funny

This is shockingly funny comic on electricity and using a family of a mom, dad and a son. and using electrical terms to say this young boy is grounded.

Adam & Eve Funny Comic
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Do these leaves make me look fat? Man’s Second Big mistake.

Does this make me look fat, we all have heard this. Here is a Christian comic I find humorous. Eve asked Adam this. Maybe this was man’s second BIG mistake?

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Monkey? Or Man-key? Funny Bible study with Francis Chan

This video shows a video of either a monkey or man-key? They believed he was a frozen monkey that was part of the evolution theory. Check out out this funny video. #ChanDoctrine