The Colors of Christmas
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The Colors of Christmas

The colors of Christmas are often taken for granted, and many celebrants are unaware of how these colors became symbols of the Christmas season and why they remain so to this day. There are many colors we see a lot during Christmas. So what are the colors of Christmas and what to they mean? #Christmas #ChristmasColors #ColorsofChristmas

The Providence Clinic - Morristown, TN
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Providence Clinic

I talk about the ENT & Allergist that I go to, Dr. Jeffery Adams of The Providence Clinic in Morristown, TN and it being a Christian-based clinic.

2014 Annual Report
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2014 Year In Blogging

This is the 2014 Annual Report to show the stats for Courageous Christian Father’s 2014 Year in Blogging.

Courageous Christian Father | Illumination of the Gospel of John - The Saint John's Bible
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The Saint John’s Bible Exhibit

This blog post is about The Saint John’s Bible. I visited an exhibit with the Saint John’s Bible on display. I talk about this Bible in this blog post. #SaintJohnsBible #Bible

Love Clipart
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Love: Fruit of the Spirit & The Greatest Commandment

Love, the greatest commandment of all It is also a Fruit of the Spirit. How many times is this word found in the Bible? #Love #Bible #BGBG2