Scoorge An Example of a New Creation
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Scrooge, An Example of a New Creation

The Bible says that with Christ we are a new creation, a total change, Scrooge, is a great example of a new creation. The old is gone and the new is here. People will notice this change too. #Scrooge #Christmas #NewCreation

Christian Pumpkin Analogy
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The Christian being like a pumpkin analogy

An Analogy of how being a Christian is like a pumpkin, explains being a christian in the form of being a pumpkin being carved into a jack-o-lantern. #pumpkin

Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin
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The Great Pumpkin Analogy

Linus & the The Great Pumpkin, from It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, is a good analogy to use when we talk about having faith Linus shows great faith. We need to have similar faith but our faith needs to be in Christ! #GreatPumpkin #faith #Linus #CharlieBrown

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The Rotten Pear and the Good Pear: The Contagious Influence of Wrong Associations

The Rotten Pear and the Good Pear: The Contagious Influence of Wrong Associations – In the journey of faith, our associations and relationships play a significant role in shaping our character and influencing our spiritual growth. Just as a rotten pear can cause a good pear to spoil, being too close to the wrong people can have a similar effect on our lives as Christians. In this blog post, we will explore the powerful analogy of the rotten pear and the good pear, highlighting the dangers of negative associations and the importance of choosing our companions wisely.

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“The King Has One More Move: Lessons from the Checkmate Painting”

“The King Has One More Move: Lessons from the Checkmate Painting” – In the realm of chess, a game renowned for its strategic depth and intellectual prowess, the concept of checkmate holds a special significance. The image of a king trapped in a corner with no possible escape is a powerful representation of defeat. However, amidst the seeming finality of checkmate, there is a profound spiritual lesson to be learned. In this blog post, we will explore the spiritual analogy of the Checkmate painting and discover how it reminds us that, even in the face of apparent defeat, the King of kings has one more move.

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The Burnt Pie Analogy

The Burnt Pie Analogy – A Grandmother had always cooked tasty food. But one day, she put a burnt pie in front of her husband.

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God is like bleach He removes stains no one else can

God is like bleach He removes stains no one else can – He washes us white as snow. #bgbg2

Kryptonite clipart (Kryptonite is like sin)
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Kryptonite Is Like Sin

Kryptonite Is Like Sin – Did you know that Kryptonite is like sin. If you ever watched Superman. You know that Kryptonite weakness Superman, it gets rid of his strength. #Kryptonite

Merciful like the Mandalorian - It's is amazing how the Holy Spirit can use a young child can show us things, for example, this story about being merciful. #Merciful #Mandalorian
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Merciful like the Mandalorian

Merciful like the Mandalorian – It’s is amazing how the Holy Spirit can use a young child can show us things, for example, this story about being merciful. #Merciful #Mandalorian

three little pigs analogy
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Three Little Pigs Analogy

I use the story of the three little pigs to make an analogy about Christ being our rock, our firm foundation. As we know from the three pigs foundation is important.

God is Like Spinach: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13
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God is like Spinach

An analogy on how God is like Spinach. I use the analogy of how Popeye gets his strength from the Spinach. We too get strength and that source is God. #NationalSpinachDay

Road Signs of the Bible
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Road Signs of the Bible

Blog Series Road Signs of the Bible. How do the common road signs we see as we drive relate to the Bible?

God's Big Eraser
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God’s Big Eraser

God has a big eraser. A Big eraser to wipe that whiteboard clean of the sin. We must come to Him for the cleaning of our whiteboard and turn from our ways.

Unity: The Floating Ants
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Unity: The Floating Ants 

Ants work in unity to make a raft, we as Christians need to be in unity just like these ants to win souls for the Kingdom by sharing Jesus to the lost.

Walking Dead
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Walking Dead

We all know the hit show the Walking Dead, but who really is the walking dead? Find out in this blog post on the true Walking Dead. #WalkingDead

DL Moody Evangelism Quote
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Don’t like the way I evangelize

I’d rather prefer the way I do evangelism versus the way you do not do it talking about those who complain about the way I evangelise vs the way they don’t do it.

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Just Keep Praying Soon It Will All Be Clear

A great video that demonstrates the importance of just keep praying, soon your darkness will become all clear. Using Gatorade bottle, dark liquid and water. #prayer

My End Stinks
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My End Stinks

My End Stinks maybe it is because we follow our instincts like an animal. Maybe we should follow God’s Word and not our instinct.

Don't Be Fuelish - Road Signs of the Bible
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Don’t Be Fuelish! 

Don’t Be Fuelish! Fuel up on the Word of God so you will know when someone is trying to pass bad or the wrong kind of fuel into you.

Eyes on the Road
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Eyes on the Road

Keep your eyes on the road, an interesting video about keeping your eyes on the road. Watch this video! This can be used to show you to keep your eyes on Jesus. Plus check out this church sign about Texting and Driving. #StopTheText #Texting #Txt #Txting