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American Bible Society

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Survey Asks Who Said It: Han Solo or Jesus? – When the Star Wars movie Solo came out, nearly half of Americans are not so fascinated with a galaxy far, far away that they cannot recognize a Jesus quote when they see one. #StarWars #HanSolo #Jesus

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African-Americans Most Bible Engaged in the US – African-Americans have higher levels of Bible engagement than the general U.S. population, which is demonstrated by their beliefs and practices, according to the latest State of the Bible survey by American Bible Society.

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America’s Appetite for the Bible Grows – More Americans are expressing interest in increasing their interaction with the Bible, according to the annual State of the Bible research from American Bible Society. The 2018 report reveals a majority of Americans, 57 percent, declare they wish they used the Bible more. While 89 percent of those who are considered Bible Engagedi desire to increase their Bible use, 70 percent of those considered Bible Neutralii are also interested in greater time with the Bible. The findings of Americans’ growing desire for more of the Bible are among a number of Bible stats recently released about Americans’ beliefs and behaviors. 

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DeMoss and American Bible Society to show a Six-Year Research Study Presents Complex Picture of the Bible in U.S. American Bible Society Seizes Opportunity to Increase Bible Engagement. #AmericanBible #Bible

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