Linus shares What Christmas Is All About
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Linus Drops His Blanket sharing the what Christmas is All About

This is a video segment from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Charlie Brown asked if anyone can tell him what Christmas is really about and Linus gives it to him real. Linus drops his security blanket too! He breaks out scripture to explain about Jesus’s birth as found in the Gospel of Luke Chapter 2 #CharlieBrown #CharlieBrownChristmas #Linus #ChristmasStory

Top 15 Christmas Movies.Did your favorite Christmas movie make my list?
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Top 15 Christmas Movies

Top 15 Christmas Movies. This is a list of my favorite Christmas movies that I would recommend you watching. Did your favorite Christmas movie make my list? #Christmas #ChristmasMovies

Linus shares What Christmas Is All About
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A Charlie Brown Christmas Play without Bible Verses

One school in Paintville Kentucky in the Johnson County School system is cutting any Bible verses from the play, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. #CharlieBrownChristmas #Paintville #WRCastleElementary

50 Years A Charlie Brown Christmas
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It’s Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown

2015 marks 50 years since A Charlie Brown Christmas first aired in 1965. This year it is called It’s your 50th Christmas Charlie Brown. I also liked the scene where Linus shares true meaning of Christmas. Notice what he does to his security blanket when he does! #CharlieBrown #CharlieBrownChristmas