Stronger You Church Sign

Stronger You Church Sign – Check out what this Kentucky church sign says about a stronger you about who to go to and who not to go to.

Stronger You Church Sign

This Church Sign Saturday takes us to Scalf Chapel in Barbourville, KY. Yes, you can go to the gym for a stronger, but this one is talking about a stronger spiritual you.

Stronger You Church Sign - Scalf Chapel in Barbourville, KY. (For A Stronger You Go To God; Not A Gym)

For A Stronger You Go To God; Not A Gym

A gym can get you physically stronger, but God can make you spiritually stronger. God is who we should go to no matter what. He is the answer to everything!  A gym can tone you up physically, but our most important part is spiritually. Are you right with God!

Do you have unconfessed sin? Are you born again (saved)? Are you living in open sin? Etc. The list can go on and on. We must make sure we have the right fellowship with God.

If we have unconfessed sin … Confess it!

If we aren’t born again! Well we must become born again! We must allow Jesus Christ to save us. He is the one that makes the changes in us! Gives us new desires and makes us a new creation!

If we are living in open sin, we must stop it! Repent! Turn away, do a 180 degree turn.

Seek out God for forgiveness and to mold you into the person He needs you to be for His glory and benefit.

Special thanks to my wife, Heather for taking this picture for me.

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