Storms the power of Almighty God

Weather and storms like thunderstorms, lightning, rain, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, & typhoons, etc. All of these I believe show the great power of God.

lightening clipart by Metro Creative Services
lightening clipart by Metro Creative Services

I love to watch it lightning. God showing us a great and powerful light show. It shows His power with each crack of that bolt with great electrical intensity.

I do not like the destruction it leaves behind, but it shows us it could have been worse. Leaves a trail of areas we may need to improve on with our personal relationship with God, our Father.

Check out these thunderstorm safety tips.

I believe some of the strong storms is a way God trying to get our attention. Like giving us a wake up call. A type of early warning. Reminding us He’s in charge!

Maybe He’s bringing us together as one. Like when we do clean ups after the storms by bringing food, aide, water, etc. Showing love and care for the people who lost loved ones, lost their homes and more.

Regardless of the types storms that come in our life. May it be weather related stories or the storms of life. We should still praise Him even in the storm. praise Him when it’s not storming too.

Do you think God trying to get our attention or is warning us? Please feel free to share your comments.

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  1. Hi, There are many concerns in the Christian faith. It is difficult for many today to do as Jesus asked and give up our possessions and follow him. I have a concern that much of the Christian or so called Christian music today is totally void of Jesus. Or, it tries to disguise or have some hidden reference to Jesus. This type of song to me should be rated as Non-Christian because, it acts to divert the attention away from Jesus. Therefore, it does not glorify Jesus. As, the bible say’s Satan is the great deceiver. We should all be diligent with the challenges surrounding our faith. I have made some Christian music that I call Christian Protest or Christian Remonstration. Even the music should be challenged for its relevance and worthiness. God Bless.

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