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Stop, Drop & Pray

I talk about Stop, Drop and Pray! Not only when things seem to go bad, but even when things are good. Pray without ceasing.

Stop what you are doing! Drop what you are doing and go Pray!

Stop, Drop & Pray

As a kid we were drilled if your body was to catch on fire we were to stop, drop and roll. Don’t run! Well we were going through trials that’s what it seems like we are on fire. It seems that most of the time we only pray when we really need something or we get in a storm where we feel we are on fire.

We often try to run from the storm! Running makes it worse, just like if our bodies were on fire, the running will make the flames get hotter and stronger. That is the time  we need to Stop, Drop and Pray. This shouldn’t be the only time we pray! But sadly it seems that is when most of pray. When is the last time you prayed and talked to God? Do you demand God or do you ask God for His Will? We should always pray, a non-stop communication with our creator, Father God. (See 1 Thessalonians 5:17). 

We should get on our knees and talk to Him all the time. Not just when times seem bad. We need to praise Him in the calm and the storm. We should pray at all times as if we’re on fire even though we’re not. The enemy is always attacking us we may not always see it. So let me encourage you to stop what you’re doing! Drop to your knees! And pray! Prayers just communication with God. I’m glad were able to have that intimate relationship with Him to talk to Him that.

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Don’t make prayer life a last resort, make it a first choice, that first line. We should also say a prayer when it seems hardest. So before the storm happens, during the storm and even after the storm …

Stop, Drop & Pray! 

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