StaurophobiaFear if crosses or crucifixes. #Staurophobia


Stauro is Greek (meaning cross-shaped) and phobia is Greek (meaning fear). In Hollywood you see this with Vampires and Dracula. But we know vampires and dracula aren’t real. But in real life, people do fear the crosses and crucifixes. Most with this fear may have bad memories when it comes to a cross or crucifix. This may also include the Catholic’s Rosary.

Staurophobia - Fear if crosses or crucifixes. This phobia is the fear of Crosses or crucifixes. #Staurophobia

Back in the Roman days I am sure there were many people who had Staurophobia, as they didn’t want to be nailed to the cross. They knew it was the most cruel form of punishment known.

As a Christian we shouldn’t fear the cross. That is where Jesus paid it all for us. He gave us His life for us.

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