Social Disconnect aka Social Distancing

Social Disconnect aka Social Distancing- when we are made to connect and not forsake assembly.

Social Disconnect

God created us not to be alone. He created us to connect with others. This may be in small groups, churches, etc. We were also told to not forsake assembly with believers. But what do you do when we are told we must not socialize or meet together?

Social Disconnect - when we are made to connect and not forsake assembly.  #socialdisconnect

The point of a social disconnect is to isolate ourselves from others in order to stop a virus such as Coronavirus. That means avoiding crowded areas, gatherings, worship, etc.

Well it is more of a social distancing!

With the Coronavirus pandemic, many places are closed including churches. Most of them are streaming their services online only. However, it is hard to connect with others at a distance.

Usually, you hear of this as staying away from social media but not with this coronavirus pandemic.

In this disconnect from others, they are saying things like we are to keep six feet away from others, not attend gatherings with ten or more or even 50 or more. Not going to places such as stores and restaurants. Having everything delivered. This list can go on and on.

Most of it is just panic! In my opinion. I know that God doesn’t want us to panic! He is much bigger than anything. He is in control. He will see us through it all! Trust Him!

Yes, we can call, text or message others, but it is not the same as face to face. I like what Neal Samudre said in Reclaiming Social Media on the YouVersion Reading Plan.

Here’s a convicting truth: we cannot fully live out all that God has for us by engaging with people at a distance.

Neal Samudre, Reclaiming Social Media

There is nothing like personal to person interaction that you get when you assemble. But when we can’t, we must do things differently.

Make sure to check on each other if you have to do a social disconnect.

So Call each other! Text Each Other! Message Each Other! If you cannot meet up face to face.

When your church does their Facebook Live or other social media live for the sermon, make sure you tune in. Even use the comment feature to let others know you are there. (If comments are turned on). Don’t miss it! Try to watch it live as if you were there! Don’t go out and think it is a free pass out of church!

You will set a wrong example if you are out and about and should have been watching the live stream!

One thing I do know, we use social media the wrong way. We share things we shouldn’t share like false stories, inappropriate things, our dirty laundry, and more. Instead, we need to use it for good. Share the Gospel! Social Media is a great way to share your faith!

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What are you doing?

What are you doing to stay connected with others? Feel free to share in the comments below.

I like one meme I saw, I cannot find it now, it was on LinkedIn. It stated instead of calling it Social Distancing, call it Physical Distancing. Check on the loved ones another way. When I find it again, I will share it on here.

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