Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster (Review)

I was given a pleasure to do a review of the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster in Pigeon Forge, TN. I went for my visit Monday morning, October 12, 2015. It was Fall Break for school here. It wasn’t that busy either when we went. My daughter got to go with me on this review. We went early in the morning. The lines were short. I am sure if it was the weekend and closer to night, the lines would have been longer.

Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster Review

Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster (Review)

This coaster is kind of off the beaten path, as you will have to take 321 from Pigeon Forge as if you were heading to Townsend, TN. But, it is not that far from the main drag of Pigeon Forge, TN. Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster just celebrated 2 years of operation in August 2015.

I think of the alpine type coasters, this one is my favorite. This one seemed to take you further up the mountain and you were on the track more than another alpine coaster I have been on.

I like this one they tell you not to use the break or slow down unless you have to. That is in case you may hit the person in front of you. These carts are made to stay on the track.

The controls work similar to other alpine coasters. Forward to go faster and push back to slow down or stop.

When my daughter and I went it wasn’t that crowded, but they did have a foreign family of like 20 in front of us. They didn’t speak English. So they waited for the whole family to get off the track for their safety and ours, since they were braking. They didn’t know they weren’t suppose to, as they didn’t speak or understand English.

The Staff

The staff still done a great job and handling the situation of that family that caused a delay. They were helpful too to make sure you know how to use the cart before you went up the mountain.

Once they got that family out, it did seem they rushed us through, prior to that they were going over the rules and stuff rather normal pace. This time, they were rushing through, because they believed most of us already heard the load speakers prerecorded message playing several times.

They let me go too soon, because going up at mountain at one part, it seemed I was way too close to the person in front of me, but later on as we got up, it seemed to get a little more spaced out.

I did enjoy this coaster a lot, going down, my daughter wasn’t in front of me to slow me down. Going down wide open! Just a few times I slowed myself down, but not many. Not to mention, I did slow it down in marked spots to slow down at.

Second Ride?

Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster will allow you to ride a second time for $8, at the time of this posting. Check with them for current rate and if they are allowing second discounted ride.

According tot he Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster’s web site, they are the longest downhill ride in the USA. They have over 1 mile of track. You are on the ride for approximately 10 minutes. They say this track you can go down the mountain 27-30 mph.

They are still open for rain and snow, I bet that would make for an interesting ride. However, they will close for heavy rain and thunderstorms.

The Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster coast a little bit more than some, but I do believe it will be worth the ride to go here.

This slide does come with a warning, if you improperly use the slide, you are responsible for cost of injury to others and property.

My daughter, who is 17 at the time of this posting, said she enjoyed the ride too. She is particular about rides and coasters.

More info

I highly recommend you take your family or youth group to Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster & Come Ride the Hill and Feel the Thrill!  When you go, tell them you heard about them from

More information visit:

Disclosure: I was given 2 tickets to do an unbiased blog review. This is that unbiased review.

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