Slow Church Ahead

Slow Church Ahead
Slow Church Ahead

In this series of Road Signs of the Bible, I am going to talk about the “Slow Church Ahead” sign. When we are driving and see this sign lets us know we may want to slow down and use caution because there could be people of children outside.

When we see the Slow Church Ahead Sign let it remind you that we are not to neglect assembly. See Hebrews 10:25.

One thing going to church regularly can help equip and train you to be a better disciple and share Christ with others. You get to learn more and more about our Father and Christ. More stuff that you can share with others as you witness.

It help you grow and find needs in your community where you can serve. There may be areas in your church or the community that need help. You can serve in those areas and help share Christ to others.

By also going to church we can help offer encouragement to one another as well. Uplifting one another brightens a spirit.

Fellowship helps you realize that you are not the only one going through things, that we all are going through some kind of storm of another, or maybe just finished a storm or about to enter a storm.

Fellowship at church can help you become in unity with one another.

Also going to church, most people don’t like this, but it can chastise, we can feel the Father correcting us.

If you don’t go to church, how will you know a false prophet if it was to come to you? That is part of the training that church gives you. To learn and study the Bible, the Word of God.

Remember a building doesn’t make the church, we as the body of Christ make the church.

Going to church allows people to know when to pray for you and specific needs you may need or also allows you to know other needs to pray for.

Besides going to church is a great way to Worship and thank God for what He has blessed us with.

I encourage you to find a Full Bible Believing, Full Bible Preaching church. I encourage you to participate in Small Groups, Bible Studies, Sunday School, Discipleship Training, etc. Be active in your church! Serve in your church!

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