Should Christians wear a face mask

Should Christians wear a face mask – That big debate amungst Christians is if you should or shouldn’t wear a face mask. #FaceMasks

Should Christians wear a face mask

On one side you have those who say you are not showing trust in Christ by wearing a face masks. While on the other side you have you are not showing love for your neighbor on the other.

Should Christians Wear A Face Mask

Who is your neighbor? Well that is simple! EVERYONE!

So should Christians not fear and not wear face masks or wear one. It might be just up to liberty. But, that doesn’t mean you judge or make fun of those that do wear one or don’t wear one.

In come cases, people must wear a face masks for medical reasons, likewise, some people cannot wear a face masks for medical reasons.

I think common sense applies to wearing a face mask.

I honestly do not think wearing a face masks shows fear at all. I think it shows respect for others around. Even Moses wore a face covering to protect the people around him. Just saying!

I like what Not A Theologian states …

Instead I’m going to say something that might unseat you a bit…

It doesn’t matter.
It doesn’t matter if I don’t think masks are effective. The woman standing in line behind me does.
It doesn’t matter if I’m not worried about catching the virus. The man passing me in the aisle is.

Not A Theologian

To me that shows love for your neighbor!

I say Yes, Christians can wear face masks! Yes, God is still with us whether or not we wear a face masks or not. But, there are things we can do to protect ourselves and others around us.

In a way, I think not wearing a face masks might be like snake handling. You never know when you might get bit and die. So why play with fire?

Wear a face masks if you are able to. Not it does not show a lack of trust or faith in Christ.

Yet, we Christians will still debate the smallest things such as this. Things that are not important for salvation. Since Salvation is only in Jesus Christ. It is nothing we do! It is all what He has done for us. Note it is not on what we do! But what He did for us!

We should not say anything to those who choose not to wear a face covering, or likewise to those who choose to wear face coverings. We should show love to them regardless if they choose to wear one or not.

Let’s just keep each other in prayers and prayers over the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

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