My Second Xtreme Winter Experience

December 27-29, 2014, I got to experience my second Xtreme Winter. We go to the Gatlinburg, TN one. I went with the youth from Piedmont Baptist. We had 33 total go. We stayed at the same hotel as last year. I think I enjoyed it more this year than last year, since I knew more of the format and what to expect. I even brought me battery packs that will charge my phone when it goes dead or low battery. It seems your battery drains more there. I guess one waiting in the tunnel and two using your phone to text updates, social media etc. with #xtremewinter.

Steve at Xtreme Winter 2014
Steve at Xtreme Winter 2014

Last year they put up Tweets on the big screen. This year they did Instagram. A goofy picture of me and Jerry, another youth leader made it on the big screen this year. I enjoyed all the speakers that were there. David Nasser, Nick Hall, Tom Ritcher and Even Johnny Hunt.

Plus this year they had great bands like Switchfoot, Newsboys, Matthew West, Mandisa, Rush of Fools, Colton Dixon, Newsong, Andy Meneo, and Reno. Plus your MC’s for the event Chip Dean and Mr. Talk Box.

Plus they announce 2 movies coming out soon. One in 2015 We Believe and the other God’s Not Dead 2 in 2016. I cannot wait to see both of these movies.

This years theme was “Chill Out!” This year wasn’t as cold as it was last year. It was drizzly rain this year. I think those on the sessions from December 29-31 and December 31-January 2, it suppose to be cold. I hope they stay warm.

David Nasser talked about vision, a God given Vision is the ability to see the past, the present and the future all at the same time.

Nick Hall brought a great sermon on drawing lines. There are 3 lines we need to draw part of his Reset series. Draw a line of Convection, Association & Confidence.

Johnny Hunt I think was awesome in his sermon and talking about suicide. I think all the teachings that were done were awesome by them all. Remember the fight is fixed as Johnny Hunt says. I am looking forward to going to my second Johnny Hunt’s Men’s Conference at the end of January. This is my first experience with the Johnny Hunt’s Men’s Conference.

Xtreme Winter & Newsboys!

I believed I enjoyed the Newsboys the most. Seeing the Drum Coaster while they played “Jesus Freak” and even them playing “God’s Not Dead”. Matthew West was very interesting, especially his made up songs he done. I ran into Andrea from Red Letter Disciple at Xtreme Winter. She was there with your churches youth group helping.

Extreme is no kidding I guess that is why they call it Xtreme Winter. You basically get up early and go to bed late. 3 Days and 2 nights of it. I had to go to work for almost a half a day as soon as I got back, not to mention with tight deadlines at work too with New Years Holiday coming up. I am looking forward to Xtreme Winter of next year.

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