Savitsky Cats Take the Live Shows

Savitsky Cats Take the Live Shows in the Quarter Finals. – Our humans didn’t get to watch when it was live. That’s why the later post. But, my daddy hooman still voted for them #SavitskyCats

Savitsky Cats Take the Live Shows

I believe this is the best, wait the most purrfect act AGT has ever had. You know Heidi kept saying some cat jokes after the performance. Simon kept laughing and couldn’t compose himself.  MelB said she liked the music more than the act. What does she know? Anyways, Seriously how did Yumbo Dump the belly noise guys make it to the Live Show?

Well the results are in …

Then it came up to the results of the voting. It was the Savitsky Cats and the Voices of Hope Children’s Choir. We didn’t make it but those lovely children did. I was rooting for my cats to win and get to go further but they don’t.

I hope someone will put them on their show and they can be preforming across America or even a tourist area. If I owned a place, I would have them on it!


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