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Religion Relationship Church Sign

Religion Relationship Church Sign – Check out this Church Sign Saturday. This church sign talks about religion and a relationship.

Religion Relationship Church Sign

In November of 2017, Heather and I of SimplySpokn was out and got a picture of this sign. Well, I should say she took the picture for me. This church sign comes from Pump Springs Baptist Church in Harrogate, TN. Their church sign reads …

Religion Relationship Church Sign from Pump Springs Baptist Church that reads You Call It Religion We Call It a Relationship

You Call It Religion
We Call It A Relationship

So many people think that being a Christian is another religion like Muslim, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. In fact that is not the case. It is a relationship. You may be saying … SAY WHAT? We as Christians serve a Living Savior. He is alive! He Walks With and Talks With Us. Walking and talking with someone is a relationship. All the other religions their founders or main people who claim to have deity are dead.

We can call on Jesus anytime! That is what makes it a great relationship. He will always answer us! Not to mention, He is always there for us.

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  1. Brett Smith Brett Smith says:

    Yes! It is faith; it is a personal relationship with my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Calling this relationship “religion” is just too simplistic. The is so much more.

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