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Regeneration by Shai Linne

This is the video song and lyrics to the song Regeneration by Shai Linne. Shai Linne is a Christian Rapper who raps Biblical & Theological truths.


Regeneration Lyrics

What is the work of the Spirit of God?
It is to accomplish what cannot be accomplished in any other way, by any other root.
The Bible is so clear on this, if you read Ephesians 2.
He Says you were dead in your trespasses and in your sins.
You were made alive in Christ.
How can dead people come to life?
It will take a miracle.
You See, This is the gospel.
The gospel is not a word of encouragement to those who are well meaning people who would like to add a little religion.
It is not a word of encourage to those who want a little Jesus in their life.
No the word of the gospel is a word that comes to the rebel heart.
I am a rebel against God.
I might be indifferent to Him, I might be agnostic to Him.
But I am actually rebelling against Him.
He then comes by the Bible I am commanding you to do an about turn, to repent of your sins and believe in me.
And the individual says there is no way that is going to happen!
Its will take a miracle for that to happen.
Yes it will!
That is the miracle of regeneration.

Verse 1

Let’s start with a microphone check 1, 2 first
Water to the dry and weary soul of the true church
The kind of things that few search, they say that the truth hurts
Well this pain is gain so let’s explain the new birth
But first things first, can’t neglect this at the start
I must preface my remarks with the deadness of the heart
From original sin, the effects of the fall
The sin of our first parents brought death to us all
Since Adam was our federal head
What he did counted for us, in him we’re all rebels and dead
Captured in the mind, disaster, sin and crimes
In a dark state- Alaska in the winter time
Sour in our frames, left to ourselves we’d be
Devoured in the flames because we’re powerless to change
If you feel that weight, I pray you respond happily
As you see what Jesus had to say in John chapter 3

Verse 2

If you peep this, you’ll see that verse one is my thesis
It’s the deepest truth that should get you speechless
What Scripture teaches will fill in the missing pieces
Picture Jesus meeting up with Nicodemus
Perhaps it was fright about the other Pharisees wicked spite
Against Christ that turned this into “Nick at Nite”
He called Him “Rabbi” and gave Him props
Said He was a teacher from God, Jesus’ reply made Him stop
Regarding the Kingdom of God, no one’s going in
In fact you can’t even see it unless you’re born again
That must have consumed and stretched his mind
Because he said, “Can a man enter His mother’s womb a second time?”
Naturalistically- the only way for him to hear it
Jesus said, “You must be born of the water and the Spirit”
No other way to enter heaven
That sounds like Ezekiel 36:25-27
In this new birth, the Spirit is the source and the agent
The water symbolizes spiritual purification
Flesh can only produce flesh- that’s true and factual
Regenerating work of the Spirit is supernatural
It’s kind of like the wind which is free east to west
Can’t perceive the steps, you can only see its effects in
In the same way the Holy Spirit chooses whom He pleases
To sovereignty open their eyes to the truth of Jesus

Verse 3

If it wasn’t for the Spirit’s mysterious operation
We would all be under serious condemnation
I’d still be rejecting His Son
If God hadn’t said “Let there be light” like Genesis 1
And just like the light could not refuse to shine
Irresistible grace renewed my mind
Let’s exalt the King who died and truly is risen
The new birth is not the effect of human decision
But the cause- it changes our natural habitation
And situation, it’s a radical transformation
I was cursed and polluted so my dirt was inexcusable
With new internal pupils His Person is beautiful
His worth is indisputable- the Lamb is amazing
A standing ovation for His work in the crucible
So let us respond with true worship and love
To the God who has given new birth from above!

Lyrics Compliments of Lampmode.

Shai Linne Lyrical Theology Part 1 - Regeneration

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