Reconciler (Review and Trailer)

Reconciler (film not rated, faith-based films, 86 minutes in length) Below is the trailer to the film.

About Reconciler

This film came to DVD in November 2015. According to the Dove Foundation it claims this movie is a faith-friendly for all ages. It also says, “Inspirational story of redemption forgiveness love and reestablishing a connection with God.” Reconciler starts Rowdy Roddy Piper, Sherry Morris and Frank Chisurin. It was directed by Shawn Justice. “When your only hope is God”

Also Starring: Jeremy Steel, Jourdan Steel, Robert Shepherd, Scott Galbraith, Lindsay Lucas, Bill Ritchie, Hailey Hurley, Xander Steel, Levi Davis, Sally Skelding, Leo Lin, Michaelle Roberts, and Dan Davis

Reconciler DVD Cover
Reconciler DVD Cover

Short synopsis: A mysterious man known as the reconciler gathers people who are in enstranged, angry and distant from each other to see if they can reconcile their differences before it’s too late. Meanwhile, a reporter named Lori is assigned by her editor to investigate the darkness surrounding the Reconciler and the people who he has taken.

Quotes from Reconciler

“The Beautiful thing about God is that He is always there.”

“I view God working like a river, when the river gets blocked, it always finds a way to flow.”

My Review & Notes of Reconciler

I watched this with my daughter, 17 years old. How would you like to be locked up in a spot with no way out, no communication with the outside work, just you and another person who is in the same room as you. Can you find a way out? See how these people in this movie find their way out of what seems a hopeless situation and see if these people can reconcile their differences.

How about a reporter assigned to a beat to write about God and the decline on God on society and less about relationship and more about rules and we might be rebelling against God. Can the reporter find the angle needed and show others the truth about God. Is it right or wrong? About Rules? You are either for or against Jesus. Do we have time for God? Can God turn things from the worst and turn them around for the right?

I can relate to one of the character, James, because he is a graphic designer.

I will say it kind of seemed like a thriller type of movie, one that kept you hanging and in suspense. There is even a couple of  interesting twist. I don’t want to say it to spoil the movie either, just there is a twist in the movie.

There is mention of God, Jesus, Bible and Prayer in the movie too.

Music “That is What Faith Can Do” I believe by Kutless.

The movie’s Bible verse theme is from in 2 Corinthians 5:18.

And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation;

I did enjoy this movie and would recommend it. My daughter and I both think it was an interesting movie. It might make you think about trying to rectify your differences before it is too late. Even Matthew 5:23 tells us to fix our issues with others before we give our offering.

I do believe the actors and actresses done a great job. It seems the videography done a great job too. I noticed there wasn’t as much music in this movie, like most movies usually do.

This movie does have some violence in it. I do not believe it is recommended for all ages like the Dove Foundation says. I think this would be good for older children and up. There was no sex or drugs in the movie, even applied.

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This is my unbiased review of Reconciler. I was given a free DVD of Reconciler to do this review.

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