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Random thought: Slow people in front of you

Random thought: Slow people in front of you

Slow people

Random thought: Slow people in front of you

I was thinking of this on my way to work today.

Do you ever wonder or think the reason God put’s a slower person in front of us is to either slow us down, stop us or to possibly protect us of upcoming harm that could have occurred if we didn’t slow down?

I had to share my thought on here. What do you think? Do you believe the same thing or maybe something different? Give me your thoughts and ideas.

I believe it is a way for God to tell us to slow down or even warn us of possible upcoming harm. Often we get inpatient and ignore it and try to go around the slow obstruction. Maybe God put that slow person in front of us because if we didn’t slow down we could have perished if we kept going faster of a possible upcoming danger?

So the next time someone in front of you is driving slow, maybe that person is going slow for a reason that God meant for that person to go slower to protect you.

First published February 22, 2013. Republishing February 24, 2015. Adding to Road Sings of the Bible.

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