Ramadan, What Is It?

Ramadan is a holy month of fasting and prayer for Muslims. #Ramadan

According to History.com, fasting is a fundamental principle of Islam, which boasts the second most followers of any religion in the world after Christianity.

Ramadan is a holy month of fasting and prayer for Muslims. #Ramadan

During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk every day. This fasting does not just refer to food, as Muslims are supposed to avoid drinking, smoking and sexual behavior while fasting during Ramadan as well. Fasting is meant to bring Muslims closer to God while reminding them of the suffering of the less fortunate.

To make it through their daily fasts during Ramadan, Muslims typically consume a pre-dawn meal. At the break of the fast, many Muslims will take a first sip of water before later enjoying a large feast known as “iftar.” Free iftar meals are typically provided by mosques and aid organizations, and these feasts are often treated as social events within the Muslim community.

All Muslims who have reached puberty are expected to participate in the Ramadan fast. However, pregnant women, women who are nursing, the sick, and the elderly are exempt. Those who accept their fasting exemption are encouraged to fast in the future if they are capable of doing so. The exact dates of Ramadan change each year and are based on the lunar calendar. In 2019, Ramadan begins on the evening of May 5 and continues until the evening of June 4.

Future Dates:

  • 2020 – April 23 to May 23
  • 2021 – April 12 to May 11
  • 2022 – April 2 to May 1
  • 2023 – March 22 to April 20
  • 2024 – March 10 to April 8
  • 2025 – February 28 to March 29

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