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Put your air mask on first

Air Mask – In case of loss of cabin pressure put on your air mask first, than put on your child’s air mask. This is part of leading by example.

Put Your Air Mask On First - Lead by Example

Put your air mask on first

It would be easier to get them to put on theirs if you are wearing yours. We lead by example. If we want our children to do something, they must see us first do it. If we are currently doing what we are telling our children to do, then it will be easier for them to do it. For example, in this case they cabin pressure is low and we must have our air mask on. In order for our children to wear theirs, we must first put our air mask on. Then help them put theirs on. When we first put ours on, we are showing them the example.

We cannot tell our children not to do something, if we aren’t willing to do it first. For example, we cannot tell our children not to drink, do drugs, smoke or not to have sex, if we are drinking, doing drugs, smoking or having sex. That is not setting the example. It would be harder for us to get our children not to do or do something that way.

That is the part of leading by example and now saying do I tell you and not as I do. As a Christian we must also lead by example. We must show we are different than the world. If we don’t show the world we are different how can they tell we are saved or want to have what we have?



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