Purradise – So cats and cat lovers where is your favorite purradise.


I am Joel the Brave and I am coming up with some cool cat pun type of works like this one purraside for paradise. They say when a cat purrs it is happy so I guess a purradise is your HAPPY PLACE!

Two of my favorite purr-adise locations is my box and a basket that I have. Where is your favorite spot?

I am sure a lot of hoomans would be at the beach or even the mountains by a creek.

Us cats are with our hoomans, taking in some catnip or just sleeping (Cat Naps).


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August 21, 2018 16:45 PM

Lelu here…
The best place is the box on the kitchen counter that is lined with a mat, and lets me watch the birds and our outdoor cousins. I actually love every box, and will hide in a basket in the closet for even more privacy. What can I say? I like being cozy!