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Providence Clinic – On my search to medical answers God led me to a Christian ENT doctor office in Morristown, TN called Providence Clinic. Providence Clinic is part of the Lakeway ENT (HealthStar network). They just opened a brand new building not too long ago. This is the clinic that I had my allergy testing done to find out what all I was allergic to and my nasal surgery through.


The Providence Clinic - Morristown, TN

The Providence Clinic – Morristown, TN

Providence Clinic

The Providence Clinic is made up of The Providence Hearing and Allergy Clinics as well as Lakeway Ear, Nose, and Throat Medical Clinic. They have two two main doctors at this clinic and both are Christians. There’s Dr. Michael Dillard, MD and Dr. Jeffery Adams, MD.

My doctor, Dr. Adams and the whole staff seems very friendly and very helpful. I had to get an EpiPen. When the one they put me on Auvi-Q you was on recall. They were pretty quick to help me figure out what I needed to do and try to get an alternative EpiPen that was covered on my insurance. I have to have an EpiPen for the allergy testing.

I get to this clinic one of the first things I noticed is a picture of Jesus in the operating room hanging above the front entrance. Then I noticed the Bible verses throughout the waiting room on the walls. I took pictures and the concierge that sits at the front and give you coffee if you want to show me where others were in the waiting rooms.

Check out these vinyls they have throughout the lobby area of The Providence Clinic.

If you are looking for an ENT, allergist, or hearing doctors, I highly recommend you go to The Providence Clinic. I got there weekly for my allergy shots and follow up from the nasal surgery that I recently had.

Now my daughter is now a patient at this clinic too.

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The Providence Clinic is located at 220 Martin Luther King Blvd. in Morristown, TN. They can be reached at (423) 587-1987 or on Facebook.
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