Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity

Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity -a day where students across our nation will give up their voice for those that cannot speak up, those babies facing abortion. #ProLifeDayofSilentSolidarity #SilentDay #ProLifeGen

Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity

This day is held on the third Tuesday of October of each year. In 2020, it is held on October 20, 2020. (See below for future dates)

This awareness day was founded by Bryan Kemper in 2004.

Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity (Image from Stand True)
Image from Stand True

Check out this Pro-Life ministry that speaks for the unspoken, 911 Babies.

Speak up for those that cannot speak! Be Bold Stand up for abortion!

Here are some helpful tips from Students for Life

  • Typically, the red band/tape will have LIFE written across it in black.
  • You can also wear a pro-life t-shirt to show your support.
  • Put up some flyers the week before explaining the event.
  • Reserve tabling space on campus the morning of October 16th to pass out bands/tape and the explanation sheets. Have pre-torn pieces of tape and black permanent markers for students to write LIFE themselves.
  • Prepare by printing out a short explanation of what you are doing so that you can give it to curious peers without having to speak. The following is a good example:

On the third Tuesday of October every year, students nationwide give up their voices for the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. Representing the 3,000+ voices taken by abortion every day, students choose to take a one-day vow of silence and wear red tape/armband in solidarity with those whose voices have been silenced forever.

Check with your school or work about duct taping your mouth shut due to safety reasons.

Future Dates

  • 2021 – October 19
  • 2022 – October 18
  • 2023 – October 17
  • 2024 – October 15

First published October 14, 2019. Last updated or republished October 13, 2020.

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2 thoughts on “Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity

  1. That’s a wonderful idea!

    Do you also have the dates and/or charities for issues such as helping single mothers, adoption, school lunches for kids, and such? Because it’s not enough to wear tape on your mouth like it’s the latest Gucci trend, is it?

    We need to let these scared mothers know that there’s good Christians out there who care, who understand that beyond the birth, there is a toddler, and a preteen, and a teenager. Basically, a child who will need to be fed, and clothed, and protected.

    We can’t let them think that if they give birth, their child is going to live like Oscar the Grouch. We need to reassure them that there’s help, and that there’s also many wonderful couples waiting to adopt.

    I only know of St. Jude’s, which helps children with cancer, so if you have any other Christian charities which help the babies beyond the womb, please let us know!

    God bless,

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