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Press Play – NY2LA

Press Play – NY2LA

Press Play – NY2LA

This is the official music video for Press Play and their song “NY2LA”.

NY2LA stands for From New York to LA (Los Angeles).

Press Play is a Christian Rock band formed in 2008. They originated from Los Angeles, CA.

As promised, I said I would post a Christian Music Video each day during the 30 Day Christian Music Challenge to help introduce you to a new band, artist or song. This is day 23 of 30.


New York to LA
Everybody get together
Let’s work it out
Got the answer for this world
Let’s make it count
Uh oh, uh oh
It’s time to live it out
This crazy world we’re livin’ in
Is lookin’ to us now
Oh, we all need love
A different kind of love
One that only comes from above
Everybody dance
Everybody move
We can make a change
From New York to LA
It’s made up to you and me
So what’s it gonna be
We can make a stand today
For love and unity
Uh oh, uh oh
I think the time has come
For us to make a difference
And live as one
Don’t know you are
Don’t know what you think
But you’re going nowhere
if you stood in the sink
And we right on the brink
of breaking in here
Livin’ the life that is
That seems so obscure
and we changing the world
and healing the hurt
and taking you there
with every word
And the signs on the minds
so yes we go in
Finale up
We at the big end
We are here on planet earth
To make a change
To stand for those who cannot
To never back down
But stand proud for God
The one and only true love
A different kind of love
A love that gives and forgives
Doesn’t judge but extends a helping hand
A love that finds a need and fills it
A different kind of love
A love that shares hope, vision and dreams
A love that’s not relevant, but revolutionary
Everybody dance
Everybody move
We can make a change
From New York to LA
Press Play “NY2LA”
Copyright 2010 Dream Records
Lyrics from Christian Songs 101, who also added the rap in the middle.
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