Pre-Prom Prayer

Pre-Prom Prayer – I stand for anyone who prays in public including school students praying over their meal before prom.

Pre-Prom Prayer

It doesn’t matter what men or others say around you! Always be unashamed to pray in public. It doesn’t matter who you are. This goes for your family or out with your friends. I hope this prom season and all prom seasons we can see more teens doing this … A Pre-Prom Prayer or even a Post-Prom Prayer. Any kind of Prom Prayer at that!

Pre-Prom Prayer | Photo credit Noelle Smith

We answer God and not man!

I think it shows being bold praying in public. I bless my food before I eat even in public. The enemy is one wanting to make a deal out of it, he is one that comes to steal, kill and destroy. To take anything godly away from us. We must show God what we are thankful for … including our meal, Prom Night … EVERYTHING!

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Mother’s Photo and Her Response!

Frank Somerville, who works as a reporter for KTVU in Oakland, CA, received the photo from Noelle Smith, mother of one of the teens. Smith decided to share the photo Tuesday, April 24, 2018, with her caption on Somerville’s Facebook page. (Caption below)

“So impressed with these young people on their prom date at Longhorn.

They all said Grace before eating and were all well behaved.”

Noelle Smith sent me this.

She wrote:

“Good morning.

Thank you for everything that you do.

I want to share a picture of my daughter and her friends from prom night.

Now with the stories today about teenagers and tide pods and condoms gathering headlines—this picture speaks for itself.”

It sure does.

And coupled with the post I did yesterday about the kids playing basketball who kneeled when a funeral procession went by, it says a lot about young people these days.

It’s REALLY nice to see.

Arguing over photo!

People we arguing over this photo saying these kids were not being good or nice by praying. Some are saying this is promoting Christianity. All kinds of other things are being said too. Somerville was surprised by some of the comments on his Facebook page. He had this to say …

I’m honestly surprised by some of these comments.. i wasn’t trying to imply that you have to be a christian to be a good person.. what i see from these kids is that they are respectful… that they are humbled… and that they are appreciative for what they have. … i could care less whether they are religious…. but by saying grace it shows me that they have those qualities.. and those are the qualities… regardless of whether you believe in god … that I admire.

As you can imagine this post did go viral and did get a lot attention and even backlash.

I’m closing … I’m proud of these teenagers. So Noelle Smith the news of your daughter and her friends have reached from the West Coast to the East Coast. I am very proud of your daughter and her friends! I say do a pre-prom prayer all the time!

I’d love to hear and see more of students praying together on Prom and other events.

Feel free to share and talk about that in the comments below! Be proud teenagers! Be unashamed! See Romans 1:16!

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