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Praise is Faith Turned Inside Out!

Praise is Faith Turned Inside Out! – On March 30, 2014 while my pastor, Bob Neal of Piedmont Baptist, was preaching he said a quote that stuck with me.

Praise is Faith Turned Inside Out!


Praise is Faith Turned Inside Out!

Which is true. Praise is showing outwardly your faith that you have inside. Give God the Praise! When we praise God in the good and the bad times, we are showing how much faith we have in God. Because we have faith in God, we will want to praise Him for all He does for us. Even the bad and the good that comes in our life.

All things work out for those who love God. We must seeking Him and His Righteousness. We must put Him first. We must trust in Him, He is the one that provides. He is the one that heals and comforts. He is the answer to everything. We must turn to Him and Him alone.

Let your faith turn inside out and become praise. Praise and Worship of God. Give Him the honor and praise that is due. He is worthy of it all. Remember He first loved us. He loved us that He sent His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ to die for us. He sent us His Best. We should give Him our best too!

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