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My nasal surgery went well from Friday, November 20, 2015. I am in Post Op right now. I wanted to share an update with everyone. The staff was very friendly and helpful at Lakeway Regional in Morristown. I remember being in the hall way waiting for a room to have the surgery, every staff member checked on me and make sure that I was warm. (The Search for Medical Answers My previous post about the surgery) The admitting diagnosis is hypertrophy nasal turbinates in deviated septum. The operative consent form to read as follows: Septoplasty and submucous resection inferior turbinate.


inferior turbinate septum
inferior turbinate septum diagram

The diagram above is just for illustrational purposes only. But it shows about what an inferior turbinate looks like.

I was thankful for my buddy Justin Breeden who also is a pastor who took me to my procedure and took me to get my medicines and then took me home. My pastor, Bob Neal even came for my surgery and prayed for me. I even had church members check on me as well. It is very interesting to feel when people are praying for you and you can feel the power of those prayers.

I was told after my surgery, I would have the the worst headache ever when I woke up. I woke up feeling just a little discomfort, a dull headache, feeling like my nose is stopped up, maybe a little confused due to being sedated. I did take a pain medicine that they gave me in the recovery room.

I spent the rest of my Friday resting. I kept a gauze under my nose to help catch blood drip. I’d change this frequently. My daughter actually helped me with that throughout the rest of the day Friday.

Saturday, I began the nasal rinsing. Plus, continued my medicine given to me. Plus, rested most of the day too. The nasal rinse requires distilled water. I had to get a nasal rinse bottle that is similar to a Neti Pot. It is called a NeilMed® Nasal Rinse. I was given medicine for the pain, an antibiotic and even nauseous medicine.

I was determined to go to church on Sunday and I went for Sunday morning worship it felt great I did not want to miss it. I didn’t make it to evening worship, but I did make it to morning worship. It felt great to be in church even with the discomfort from the surgery. Just think how much Jesus suffered for us. I then spent the rest of Sunday resting again since this week being Thanksgiving week is a shorter week at work and we had to put out to publications on one instead of two. We usually go to print with one paper on Wednesday and the other paper on Thursday. This week, both papers will print on Wednesday.

So far I haven’t had too much pain. I just keep this dull constant headache. Feeling uncomfortable. I can tell I have the stents in my nose. My nose itches and burns and feel stopped up still. I’m still continuing to use my nasal rinse and frequently changing in the gauze underneath my nose. I think staying ontop of the pain medicine has helped with keeping the pain down. I do know if I try to skip a dose of pain medicine, I can start to feel the pain more. I don’t want to become addicted to those either, so I try to take as less as I can.

I also haven’t ate much either. I got me a bite to eat that Friday after surgery. It was hard to eat with gauze under your nose. I think a mix of pain medicines and your nose feeling stopped up effects you wanting to eat it not. I did try to eat something Monday morning, it was still awkward and hard to eat. I can feel the stents move as I tried to take a bite of my breakfast, Egg McMuffin. I still barely got to eat, but I do know that I need to try to eat a little bit more because that will help. The follow up post op said to eat as tolerable. Despite I didn’t eat a lot, I did drink a lot.

I wonder if I will have an appetite by Thanksgiving? (Only a few days away at the time I am posting this blog post)

I do know my nose feels dry even with doing the nasal rinsing, but it has helped clean out a lot of the clotting that was built up in there. My throat seems to stay dry, but that is more than likely where I am sleeping with my mouth open. I was also told not to use my CPAP machine either while I have the stents in my nose. I guess because of the pressure and such from the mask.

I know that this discomfort is temporary. This should help be breath better. Plus also lower my risk of where I stop breathing in my sleep. I will keep you updated on my progress and any changes I noticed. Follow Courageous Christian Father if you don’t want to miss the updates from that. Plus, this should help with the sinus headaches I get a lot too.

Even our family cat, Lilly Bug, seemed to check up on me and stayed near me. It is interesting, it seemed about the time to change gauze or take medicine, I would hear her meow at me. She even laid on the bed next to me, where my hands can touch her. Normally if she sleeps on my bed, she sleeps at the very foot of my bed. So our family cat, must know.

I also thank God for the knowledge he gave the whole medical staff who helped to perform my surgery. God is the one that blessed them with the knowledge they needed. I knew God had me all this time. I am a child of His. I am in the greatest place of all, the hands of God. No one can pluck us from those mighty hands either. See John 10:28-30

If you can take an extra day off, I would encourage you to do that and get all the rest you can.

I go November 30, 2015 to have the stents removed. I heard that is not a pleasant experience getting them removed. I am just glad they use stents now. I heard they use to use gauze inside your nose.

I am looking forward to the long term changes that will come. But the great thing I do know, if I am healed here on earth or not, I will be healed in Heaven in the glorified new body.  Jesus is the ultimate physician. Truly healing only comes through Him.

I meant to say our family cat, Lilly Bug, pretty much stayed close to me the first several days after I came home from surgery. She usually sleeps at the foot of my bed, but this time, she slept close to where my hand could touch her. She would meow at me, almost when it was time to do a nasal rinse or something else. I thank God for blessing us with Lilly Bug.


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