Political Leaders Prayer of the Day

Political Leaders Prayer of the Day – Today’s prayer will be for political leaders everywhere. #PolitcalLeaders #PrayeroftheDay

Political Leaders Prayer of the Day

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Dear Heavenly Father,

I ask that you protect and use our political leader and use them for your plan and purpose. That they will turn to you for guidance in running where we live and where they are appointed over. If any of them don’t know you, that they will come to the saving knowledge of you.

Remind them that you put them in that position and you can even remove them from that position. I pray that they will look out for the best interest of the people, not themselves. I pray they will not be greedy. You know what is best for where we live, use these men and women for your will.

This includes political leaders all over the world, not just in the country I live in.

In Jesus Name,


This is just one of the topical prayers of the day that I plan to publish. Make sure to follow Courageous Christian Father for more prayers of the day. If you have a topical idea for a prayer of the day, feel free to share in the comments and/or contact me. If there is anything I might be able to add to this prayer, feel free to share that in the comments as well.

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