Pizza – The Best & The Worst

Pizza – The Best & The Worst – In this blog post, I share with you who I think is the best pizza joint and who is the worst. #Pizza

Meat Pizza - Pizza - The Best & The Worst - In this blog post, I share with you who I think is the best pizza joint and who is the worst. #Pizza

This is another Food Friday! When I order a pie, I like mine Meat Only. I also like mine pepperoni only. The other way I like it is to take off the red sauce and put on Alfredo sauce. Then put chicken and bacon on it to make an Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza.

In Byzantine Greek, the word was spelled “πίτα,” pita, meaning pie.

The Worst Pizza

Little Ceasers – They are tolerable. It kind of taste like cardboard. Yet, they are cheap if you want a cheap then this place is tolerable. I’d rather not eat theirs, but I have and will. They also use too much corn meal. I know they use the corn meal to prevent sticking.

Pizza Hut – I don’t care for their sauce at all. If you go to a buffet, you get what they put out. You cannot order request on the buffet. They do it on a rotation on what is next. Their pie also seems much greaser.

Harby’s Pizza & Deli – They are a bit pricey. Plus, their medium reminded me of a small. It was alright. Not one that I would eat again. They didn’t seem to have enough topping shakers. Other people were borrowing back and forth from other tables. Not a place I’d eat again. See my review!


These places are okay to eat a pie from. The are not my favorite, but I these places will do.

Domino’s. I like they have Alfredo sauce to make a Chicken Bacon Alfredo pie. What I don’t like is the truck the dough in and it’s not made fresh daily. I am not too big on the red sauce, but it’s not bad either. BTW, They usually give discounts to schools and churches on large one topping. Just Ask!

Papa John’s – I like how they give you garlic butter on the side with an order. What I don’t like is the truck the dough and not made fresh daily. I do like their red sauce they use. The crust seems to taste better.

Jet’s Pizza – I like the pan pizzas. I also like you can get Alfredo sauce too. Not to mention, they have personal size options and are great on lunch specials.

Gatti’s Pizza – They were not too bad. I grew up going to their buffet. On field trips, that is where we would go for lunch. They would allow special request. However, most of them have closed down near me.

Pizza Inn – They are another good buffet place. I like that you can make special request. They usually have some other kinds of flavors and mixtures of toppings. I will eat like a buffalo pizza. They are reasonably priced too.

CiCi’s Pizza – This was a good buffet place too. You could make special request here too. However, most of these have closed down near me too.

Next to Best

Marco’s. Now they actually make their dough fresh. This is my next favorite. Since I am not close to my best pizza joint, this place does great and yummy. They are a very close second! I just like the overall taste. Plus knowing they make the dough in house is better too.

The Best Pizza

Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria in Corbin, KY. Their pizza dough is also made fresh in house. I don’t know how to describe it, but it is the best tasting. The sauce is great and the meat toppings. This is my favorite pizza joint. I just wished they had one closer to me! See my review!

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