Photo Bombed Skit Guys

Photo Bombed Skit Guys – The highlight of my second year volunteering at the Youth Evangelism Conference was photo bombing the Skit Guys and not even knowing it until after the photo was taken.

Photo Bombed Skit Guys

I got to volunteer my second time for the Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC) in Nashville, TN this year. This year and last year they had the Skit Guys at the event. Check out my first year volunteering experience.

I asked the Skit Guys for a pic

The Skit Guys are funny Christian Comedians. At YEC 2017, I got to get my picture taken with the Skit Guys. They came walking by the station I was assigned to for greeting. So I asked for my picture with them and they let me take one with them on Friday, March 10, 2017.

Steve Patterson with the Skit Guys Photo Credit Amber Patterson., Daughter of Steve Patterson

Steve Patterson with the Skit Guys
Photo Credit Amber Patterson., Daughter of Steve Patterson

Photo Bombed Skit Guys

Then, on Saturday, March 11, 2017, I was at the front door as a Greeter. I got to high-five, hand shake, fist bump and greet thousands of youth entering YEC 2017. That was really fun. I had my photo bomb sunglasses with me. Both days the youth were asking me to get a picture with them. One church was even doing a selfie challenge. I even kept photo bombing youth getting pictures done Saturday by the front door area. It was so much fun. Well, later that day, I was walking around to the back where the volunteers go to get a snack. While I was back there, I saw a group of people taking a picture. I hurried up and put on my sunglasses and got behind them and photo bombed them.

Steve Photo Bombs Skit Guys Credit - Thomas Rimmer
Steve Photo Bombs Skit Guys Credit – Thomas Rimmer

I then turned around and noticed, I just photo bombed the Skit Guys. I was like on my gosh, I just photo bombed the Skit Guys! The Skit Guys were laughing. I think that was my highlight of volunteering at the YEC 2017. I am looking forward to volunteering next year!

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