The Story of Pellissippi Pete at Boy Scout Camp Pellissippi

If you were a Boy Scout growing up in the Great Smoky Mountain Council and going camping to Camp Pellissippi you may remember the story of Pellissippi Pete. I have been trying to remember that story. However, it has been so long since I have heard it. Since I myself attained my rank of Eagle in 1994, so that tells you how long that was since I heard it.

The Story of Pellissippi Pete at Boy Scout Camp Pellissippi

I asked a few people if they remembered and I did get a reply from the Scoutmasters youngest son, Gabe. He replied to me with.

I just remember he drowned near Norris around the Pellissippi campground, and that his presence was always known by one single leaf trembling, when the wind wasn’t blowing, think he was a bootlegger that got drowned?

I myself always remembered the one single leaf shaking upside down, but I don’t recall anything else of the story. Old ages is creeping up on me, you can say.

If you remember the story, heard anything different, wanted to add on it it or anything like it you can give me a comment and/or contact me and share with me your version. I will be glad to add it to here.

The origin of this legend is unknown at the posting of this blog entry. If anyone knows how it got started and when, please feel free chime in on this.
I did try to search the internet for this and came up with nothing as well.

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  1. I have also been searching for the legend. I was a camper there in the early 70's w/one year 0n staff ('72, helping Richard Alexander in the trading post). As a performing member of the Jonesborough Storytellers Guild I've been interested in that story. I'm telling to a group of Scouts tonight and that story would be perfect, except I can't remember it, and I don't want to freelance on an existing legend. Anyone w/ a better memory than I now have at 55 years of age please help. [email protected]

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