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Beautiful Butterfly Craft

A butterfly craft image that was sent in to me in reference to my blog post on We Change Like the Butterfly. Craft by Melissa Matthews.

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Can you hear me now?

I share a video I found that is a parody of the old Verizon commercial “Can you hear me now?” but in relation to talking to God.

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Colossal Coaster World – Piedmont Baptist Church

Thrill Seekers – Colossal Coaster World – Piedmont Baptist Church – June 3-7, 2013 (Dandridge, TN)

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Witnessing bracelets?

Witnessing bracelets

Worn by 10th Avenue North (Music Video)
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Worn by 10th Avenue North (Music Video)

This is the YouTube music video for “Worn” by 10th Avenue North. This is also the official music video for the song by 10th Avenue North.

Unconditional Movie Review
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Unconditional Movie Review

This is a movie review for the Movie “Unconditional” with also the trailer to that movie. Samantha has a storybook life then loses her faith when her husband is killed in a senseless act of violence. Sam’s faith reignites when she meets a childhood friend who cares for children in his under-resourced neighborhood. #Unconditional

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Just Where I Belong (The Christmas Bunny) movie review

This is my short movie review for the movie “Just Where I Belong” it was also entitled “The Christmas Bunny”. #JustWhereIBelong #ChristmasBunny

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Worship notes on worship

This blog post I share some notes I took on worship, God and more.

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May Day Unity Festival

Check out the 2013 Jefferson County May Day Unity Festival. It is coming May 25, 2013. Check out this entry for some information on it.

We Won't Be Shaken by Building 429
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We Won’t Be Shaken by Building 429

We Won’t Be Shaken by Building 429 – This is the official lyric video by Building 429 – Plus the actual lyrics are shared too. #B429 #Building429

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You Are God’s Project and God Never Fails

Read what the First United Methodist Church of Dandridge, TN church sign read as I passed it. You are God’s Project and God Never Fails.

Grow Acronym
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Grow Acronym

This is the Christian acronym for the word Grow. I even talk about the Grow Acronym and what grow says and means. #GrowAcronym

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Hello, My Name Is – Music Video by Matthew West

This is the official music video the the Christian song “Hello, My Name Is” by Matthew West. The video and the blog post has the lyrics to the song.

LeCrae Moore - I am Second testimonial video
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LeCrae Moore – I am Second (His Testimonial Video)

The I am second testimonial video of LeCrae Moore, Christian Rapper, “I was created by God but I didn’t want to be like Him, I wanted to be Him.”

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Jesus Died For A Reason Jefferson City Assembly of God Church Sign

Jesus died for a reason – This church sign from Jefferson City Assembly of God tells you why Jesus died. Check out what it says.

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Movie Recommendation: Fireproof

Never leave your partner alone. A very moving movie about relationships. This is by the Kendrick Brothers. They also produced Courageous. This is a must watch. I know I cried as I watched this. I recommend this movie! I even read the Love Dare book that the movie talks about. #Fireproof

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We owed a debt we couldn’t pay, Jesus paid a debt he didn’t owe – New Market United Methodist Church Sign

We owed a debt we couldn’t pay, Jesus paid a debt he didn’t owe – New Market United Methodist Church Sign. (New Market, TN)

What It Would be Like to Be Jesus' Brother by Michael Jr.
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What It Would be Like to Be Jesus’ Brother by Michael Jr.

Great comedy video on YouTube by Michael Jr. This is about What It Would Be Like To Be Jesus’ Brother. Thou Shalt Laugh series.

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Sonrise a Gift from God – Lynn Camp Baptist Church

Check out what this Corbin, KY church, Lynn Camp Baptist Church – Sonrise a Gift from God. I share about this church sign too.

Sanctus Real - Promises
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Sanctus Real – Promises (Music Video)

This is the YouTube music video for the Song Promises performed by Sanctus Real plus this blog post shares the lyrics to that song.