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The cold weather was late getting here this year. Unseasonable warm weather was an understatement for December and early January has provided a long runway for the winter that is now in flight. This week stands to be the coldest of the season but I’m already thinking I’m only seven weeks away from March. I still find myself saying “I wish spring would hurry and get here,” but the older I get the less likely I am to wish my days away. It’s been an odd deer season. I could write a book on patience. I have waited, watched, and wasted day after day looking for that one buck that I have my mind set on. I will immediately recognize him and without hesitation will do whatever it takes to get a shot. Since that has not happened yet, hesitation is exactly how this year’s encounters can be described. I have hesitated on marginal bucks until the chance to make a shot has left.
It’s amazing how fleeting opportunities really are. The time one has to make some decisions sometimes is so short that unless one has rehearsed the scenario so completely, one can miss what he actually came for. That is, if one continually expects to see what he is not looking for, he is more likely to not be ready when his trophy actually shows up. There is another scenario however. It’s the one where the deer that shows up is marginal. It’s the one that is so close in size to the trophy you’re after, that you vacillate between the decision to shoot or pass. This is really where most of us live. We are settled but not so settled that we are not prone to the temptation that comes when something just under our expectations shows up. Not only is this where most of us live in the hunting world, but it is where most of us live when it comes to sin. The real temptation is not that which is completely base or immoral but it is that which so close to what is right. Some areas are gray. The Bible allows for different convictions but when we know to do right and don’t, we sin. That line is clearly drawn in each of our minds and anything that is close is not close enough. And the trophy of spiritual integrity will be worth the wait.

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About the Author

Author: Gary Miller

Gary began pursuing his desire to write a newspaper column to hunters and fishermen that would lead them to contemplate their relationship with their Creator. The column was picked up by two newspapers. After these many years now, it covers much of the country not only through several newspapers but also through regional magazines and online. His writing provided opportunities to speak to these same hunters and fishermen at events such as Beast Feasts. The results were men giving their lives to Christ. Even though he was not raised in a hunting or fishing home, Gary has followed his heart to the water and woods since he was a child. What started on the banks of the local canal catching carp, now extends to every part of his life as he aims outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen toward Christ.

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