OSA The new CPAP company

OSA The new CPAP company

Steve wearing the ResMed AirFit™ F10. OSA
Steve wearing the ResMed AirFit™ F10.

I went December 11, 2015 to go back to my sleep doctor office after they gave me this new mask a week ago. They told me that I can come in and they would give me an adapter. I took my mask and my hose to show them that the new mask that I got did not fit. They took the one part into that back and then came out with another person. He looked at my nose and pulled out a piece from the one end. The Simplus mask that I first had, the swivel piece was left inside. So my ResMed AirFit™ F10 now goes into my ClimateLineAir™ Heated Tube.

OSA The new CPAP company

I also let them know about the latest run ins (bad service care level) with Resp-I-Care. They told me the new company is Aerocare and they will have them give me a call about the dealings. Read about how I got started with Resp-I-Care and the quality of care service I got by clicking here.

I get a phone call later in the day from OSA (Oxygen and Sleep Associates). They girl was very friendly with me. She asked me a few questions and apologies on behalf of the new company. From the way she was talking, others was having bad service with Resp-I-Care too. I guess those at Resp-I-Care thought they no longer cared and might lose their job with this buyout or merger. I would think I would do my best to save my job in the event of a company buyout or merger.

I told her how Resp-I-Care told me that I cannot switch my mask, because of how the tech was and we waited and the tech said just give it time to adjust to the new mask etc. and I had surgery and couldn’t use my CPAP for 10 days and all. I told her that I  just got the new mask and like it better. So She said since it was there fault they can get it fixed and have my insurance change my mask for ordering supplies. The company even said they will send me a filter and a mask cushions for free due to the bad service care from the company that they purchased (Resp-I-Care). She told me that next month it will be started to be billed on my insurance. She told me they will call me and remind me about my supply order, instead of me calling every month as Resp-I-Care had you do. She said if I missed the call, I just call them back and they will order my supplies. Now that is awesome. I am getting somewhere on info about my supplies and usage etc.

She also told me when I need to replace my supplies, unlike the other company they never told me. She said the mask cushions and the filters are once a month. The hose is every three months. She said now with the hose, they often can last a lot longer and can go just a little bit longer.

Looking more into it OSA is the same thing as Aerocare. I wonder if OSA purchased more than one company. So I am looking forward to dealing with this new company for my CPAP supplies and needs. I do not know how many techs they have to cover for this area right now.


I want to also thank God for seeing me through this and His hand on it all this time. After all He is our true physician. We might see doctors here on Earth but it was God that gave these men and women the knowledge they need to help with us here. But I am glad that I am saved and I will get a glorified new body up in heaven.

The ResMed AirFit™ F10 mask seems more comfortable to me than the Fisher & Paykel (F&P) Simplus™. I have even noticed less leaks right now than too. Even my ResMed MyAir™ scores have been much higher since I have been using the F10. I also like this mask because it doesn’t go over my forehead. The Simplus did and it pressed in on my neurofibroma (bump or tumor like) on my forehead.

They also say it usually takes a few months to get use to using a CPAP and notice a difference. So by this Spring I should notice a difference. I will continue to give updates about my medical on this blog as well. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and continued prayers.

UPDATE February 25, 2016: In January 2016, I got the call to order my supplies, it said the supplies were on its way. By first of February, I never got the supplies. I called OSA. They said it was my insurance and they will retry it. I still didn’t hear anything, so I called again a couple weeks later. They said the same thing. I called my insurance, the insurance said it was them and told me what they saw. So I called OSA and this time I got a different story. They said now they are waiting on my doctor, I said okay, I will talk to her tomorrow. I talked to my doctor and she said she has sent the notes to them. But, she will resend my notes and talk to them about what is going on. I finally got a call from OSA saying my supplies have been ordered and I should have them. Plus, another call that said they see that I have been using my machine and all is now set. I have had my machine since October.

I also found out the OSA will take over the supplies after March or April, the Supplies are still done through Respicare, but the rest is with OSA.

Update 2/7/17. OSA Has not shipped me supplies since July 2016. I get the run around from them. We are waiting on your doctor. My doctor says they sent my prescription. Even giving me a copy and I sent that to them. They go oh we are waiting on your insurance company. In the past, I have called my insurance company and they said they are waiting on the supply company. So, OSA was just as bad as the old company. I think OSA has bought 3 or 4 of the supplies companies in the area.

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