Operation Save a Soul

Operation save a soul -We are all called in this mission! The mission to save souls from hell. Time for us to get marching and share the gospel to the lost and dying world.

Operation Save a Soul

This is also known as the Great Commission! As born again believers we are called to share! Not keep it to ourselves. If we had a cure for cancer, wouldn’t you want others to know the cure? Jesus is the cure for sin! We must share Him!

Operation Save A Soul

Everyone we come in contact with is a chance to save a soul. Friends, Family, people we know or don’t know. I do mean everyone we come in contact with. No matter where we are at; school, work, restaurant, store, etc.

We can even use gospel tracts to help share the gospel too.

Remember we are to lay our treasures in Heaven. Those treasures are those around us! Do you want to see your loved one cast into hell because you never took the chance to share the gospel with them?

We cannot just witness to them. We must disciple them too!

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